Rushlight Awards

Rushlight Awards 2015-16

The Rushlight Awards results have beenĀ announced:

The Rushlight Award overall winner: Recycling Technologies

Group categories Winner
Rushlight Natural Energy Award Desolenator
Rushlight Clean Energy Award Oxford Advanced Surfaces
Rushlight Energy Environmental Award Bowman Power Group
Rushlight Resource Innovation Award Recycling Technologies
Rushlight Env Management Award Topolytics
Direct entry categories Winner
Rushlight Solar Award Desolenator
Rushlight Ground & Air Source Power Award Ecovision Systems Ltd
Rushlight Powered Transport Award Oxford Advanced Surfaces
Rushlight Power Gen and Transmission Award Bowman Power Group
Rushlight Energy Reduction Award 21C Eco Energy Ltd
Rushlight Energy Efficiency Award Upside Energy Ltd
Rushlight Water Treatment Award R&W Civil Engineering
Rushlight Water Management Award Waterblade
Rushlight Organic Resource Award Antaco UK Ltd
Rushlight Resource Recycling Award Recycling Technologies
Rushlight Sust Manufacturing & Services Award Cambond Ltd
Rushlight Env Analysis & Metrology Award Topolytics
Rushlight Sustainability Initiative Award Solar Options for Schools Ltd

The Press Release for the 2015-16 Awards results is HERE.

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