Prize Fund

We are currently reviewing the in-kind prize system for 2014-15 and so further announcements will be made informing everyone as to whether this will continue and in what form.

In 2012-13, we continued the in-kind prize fund which was launched the previous year so successfully.

We welcome back many of last year’s prize providers, as well as a number of new participants.  In these challenging economic times, we wanted to be able to add further benefits beyond the significant profile and standing that winning a Rushlight Award provides.

What this in-kind prize system involves is a menu of free services which the winners of the awards will be offered access to immediately after the Gala Awards Dinner on 31 January 2013.

While these in-kind prizes are not cash prizes and do not purport to be, the services that are being offered are directly relevant to the needs of companies developing clean technology solutions and so are of real value.

Rules of the Rushlight Prize Fund

1. The prizes, although given a cash value, cannot be exchanged for cash or equivalent liquid funds of any form.

2. All the prizes have an expiry date and will no longer be available after the following year’s awards dinner at the latest. Some prizes will have specific expiry conditions.

3. The terms of the prize are set by the donor and Eventure Media Ltd is not a party to the offer unless the prize is being directly offered by Eventure Media Ltd. The prizes themselves are an arrangement between the winner and the prize giver and Eventure Media Ltd is not a party to this arrangement except as a donor. The winner accepts the prize entirely at their own risk. Eventure Media Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for the prize, the service provided by the donor or any direct or indirect consequences of the winner choosing and accepting the prize.

4. If, for whatever reason, the prize donor cannot provide the prize which they have offered, then the recipient can choose another prize from the remaining alternatives.

5. If more than one winner chooses the same prize, then the donor will be asked how many prizes they are willing to offer. If there are insufficient prizes provided by that donor to meet the demand, then the prize will be allocated on a “first come first served basis”. If there is still a tie, then the winners’ names will be placed in and then drawn from a hat. The winners who are not successful in the draw will be informed of the result and will have the option of choosing an alternative prize.

6. The order of choosing the prizes shall be as follows:

▪   First to choose will be the overall Rushlight Award winner

▪   Next to choose will be the other group category award winners

▪   Finally, the direct entry award winners will be invited to choose a prize.

▪   If there are any prizes left, then the invitation to choose a prize may be extended to those entries which are commended by the judges, commencing with the group categories.

7. Each winning entry can only receive one prize in total. An entrant can make two different entries, in which case each entry can attract a prize.

8. The decision of Eventure Media Ltd with regard to the running of the prize system is final and no correspondence will be entered into concerning it.

Prize List

The prize list is currently as follows, in alphabetical order of the prize providers, with details of the providers set out below:

▪  Barking Dog Communications is offering a free marketing and communications strategy consultation comprising a round table discussion and review at the client’s premises of the client’s business goals and marketing objectives  followed by a blue sky brainstorming session by BDC after which the company will prepare and present our thoughts and recommendations for future marketing activity.

This work, including a written proposal for the client to proceed with as it chooses, would normally be charged at approx £2,600. Any subsequent work requested of BDC as a result of its proposal will be charged at a preferential hourly rate available exclusively to Rushlight Award winners.

▪  BIC-Innovation would like to offer you an “Eco Design Review” of one of your Existing or New product developments, working with you to design your product, improving and reducing its overall environmental impact. An Eco Design review will provide detailed and/or systematic analysis at specific stages of either the product development process or lifecycle e.g. eco-indicators; environmental effect analysis; environmental impact assessment; life cycle assessment; material, energy, toxicity, and life cycle cost analysis – value £2,500.

▪  Bird & Bird LLP is offering free legal services in any one or more of the following practice areas – employment, intellectual property, corporate, commercial and tax up to a value of £3,000.  This offer is subject to its usual client “take-on” procedures, in particular in relation to any potential legal or commercial conflicts of interest.

▪  Cambium LLP is offering use of the Sustainability ProspectorTM to research up to 250 organisations, including bespoke requirements gathering to ensure optimal application of the Sustainability ProspectorTM to your innovation, presentation of the research results, including a custom written report detailing analysis and comparative ranking of all prospects.  The Sustainability ProspectorTM  provides valuable market insight into the comparative interest of target prospects in sustainable innovations. Unlike questionnaires or surveys, it provides market intelligence that is not biased by individual responses providing an objective assessment of prospect interest.  It improves sales productivity by ensuring that your business focuses its sales effort on those clients with the greatest interest in purchasing your innovation. Value (as charged to previous clients) £10,000.

▪  Carbon Table is offering a package of services on their unique platform which will present your product or service for a 12 month period, to leading UK sustainability and environment teams, thereby putting your business in front of the very people who could become major customers in the future.  The package includes: 1. company profiling, 2. 4 content pieces, which can be case studies or white papers and 3. 4 features within the e-newsletter to the Carbon Table full mailing list.  Further details are here.  The value of this package is £4,000.

▪  The Centre for Process Information is offering a Technology and Manufacturability assessment for companies working in the printable electronics, industrial biotechnology and advanced manufacturing industries. Our assessment will:

- provide a technology assessment focusing on scale-up, investment requirement and application potential

- assess future technologies and the potential impact on your business

- assess market and legislative drivers and their impact on your technology

- identifying key partnerships and assessing relevant supply chains

- The prize, comprising two days consultancy from our team of experts, has an estimated value of £2,000

▪  Clarkslegal LLP are offering free legal services in any of their areas of expertise – up to a value of £1,000.

▪  Transform your business into greater success by becoming part of the inclusive Europe-wide community of strategically vital partnerships. A Climate-KIC Incubation award is designed to offer a boost to a company that is just starting out with an idea by offering:

- A cash grant of €25,000.

- Access to masterclasses in sales, finance, team building and product development.

- Access to business coaching on the development of their business plan.

- Access to the Climate-KIC Venture Competition.

▪  CrowdMission is offering free funding consultation on ‘get ready for crowdfunding’, advice on refining the business plan, tips on video production, and free marketing and PR assistance to promote the brand. The business will also be promoted as a featured pitch on CrowdMission. This listing will be dependent on the usual listing and due diligence processes of CrowdMission. The value of this package is £3,000.

▪  Delta Carbon‘s partners will provide a full day of investor-readiness preparation for an aspiring start-up that is looking to raise seed or series ‘A’ funding. The day will give aspiring low carbon technology companies an insight into investors’ mindset in the sector and a tool kit to unlock investment funds – value £2,500.

▪  Eco Trans are offering a prize of free translation from/ to any language and any type of translation (technical, legal, website, financial, patents, business, marketing and PR, certified). The number of words will depend on technicality, language, timescales etc but will typically cover roughly 10,000 words. This prize is worth £1,000.

▪  Eventure Media Ltd is offering a place in the Rushlight Incubator to an early stage company. This will involve a range of potential types of professional support on the basis of one day a month for 3 months. Value up to £3,000.

▪   fd unlimited is offering free services for half a day. These services could be:

- Review business processes such as the sales cycle, purchase cycle and make    recommendations on maximising working capital efficiency

- Set up a management information pack to track the key performance indicators

- Provide a cashflow forecast template

- Make introductions to some key people within our network who may be potential customers

- Provide a financial model template

- Provide sound advice on how best to scale the back office in line with growth aspirations for the business

- Provide leadership to the incumbent bookkeeper or finance team

- This has a value of £750.

▪  Fleet Renewables is offering in depth analysis in one or more of the following areas:

- Market analysis

- Customer profiling

- Market entry strategy review


- Competitor analysis

- Funding opportunities

- Technical review

- Business Plan review

- to a total market value of £4,000.

▪  Frost & Sullivan are offering a combination prize as follows:1) 12 month User Licence access to one of Frost & Sullivan’s 10 sector subscriptions (of their choice) plus 2 hours of consultation with an appropriate expert (growth strategy etc). This would be worth around £10,000.2) Seat at our annual Growth Innovation & Leadership congress – £15003) Seat at one of our sector specific networking banquets – £5004) Market or Technology report of their choice – £3,000 – £5,000Winners who are SMEs can choose 1), 2) and 3) and large companies can choose 2), 3) and 4).  This total package therefore has a value of £7,000 to £12,000.

 FRP Transition offer to search and select either an interim member of management or a Non-Exec Director for a company free of search fees – worth about £10,000.

Gill Jennings & Every is offering an IP Strategy Review. This would involve a meeting with a partner as well as a trade mark and a patent professional to assess and recommend how to develop the winner’s strategy and plan relating to patents, trade marks and designs, including how the IP plan supports the business plan and allows assessment of the risks associated with IP. The output would be a written report. Value of £3,500. are offering two different types of prize. The winner will have the choice of either GTE’s multi-media services or the consultancy services of its parent company, London Research International.

1) GTE will offer to shoot and produce a company promotional video, and host it in the featured section of its website for 1 month and in the website’s video library thereafter. We will also include your technology as the feature for our consultancy newsletter, which has a readership of 3,800 within 30 multi-national clients. The video will include a day’s worth of shooting on-site, and 2 days’ worth of editing including the incorporation of graphics, stills and other video clips that complement the footage. Market value – £1,300

Or 2) Alternatively, Green Tech Europe’s parent company London Research International – an energy and environmental consultancy – will produce a 10 page (approx) report for the business. This could take the form of any of the following:

- A financial feasibility assessment of a project or new business venture

- A market and/or competitor analysis of the business’s sector

- A marketing strategy

- A business plan

The report could be used to inform the next stage of a business’s expansion or the commercialisation of a technology.  Market value £1,100

▪   You’ve developed game-changing technology and won recognition for your work; now it’s time to tell people about it. Life Size Media is offering a communication strategy consultation along with the necessary work in realising a suggested improvement of your choice. You’ll receive a review of your current communication strategy and materials (including branding, website, public relations, social media and film material) followed by a written assessment and outline of suggested improvements (worth £2,000). After this initial stage we’ll work with you to enhance your communications. You will benefit from dedicated input from members of the Life Size Media team up to the value of £2,000. Total prize value £4,000.

▪   Numeritas is offering a full Scoping Session with a Numeritas Consulting team. They will take you through a step by step analytical process to identify the key drivers of your business and examine the best way to build a forecast to meet your planning objectives.  You will receive a detailed specification document as a deliverable that describes the requirements and approach for each element of a forecasting model.  This may then be used as the specification for a model build.  The prize winner will come away with greater insight into their business understand the drivers of their business and be able to make clearer assumptions for forecasting.  This has a market value of £5,000.

▪  NW Brown is offering a corporate insurance portfolio review. This involves a full confidential appraisal of the prize-winner(s)’ corporate insurance policies, to highlight areas of possible improvement and if appropriate to suggest alternative or additional covers. Value of £1,000.

▪   Planet Positive is offering an SME a free Planet Positive certification using their new online process. Your prize will include all the benefits of being Planet Positive, including: Business Carbon Footprint and Reduction Strategy; Sustainability Policy; Sales and Marketing materials; Behaviour change materials, including Employee Segmentation Survey and Green Office/Fleet Campaign; Monthly Sustainability Campaigns for employee engagement; Option to provide funding for schools or rainforest protection through the Planet Positive Foundation (UK registered charity).

▪   A free grant scan, provided by PNO Consultants. PNO will visit the winner to discuss and understand their future projects surrounding their environmental technology and innovation activities. They will then provide a full analysis of principal regional, national and international sources of funding related to their activities. Then the key criteria, scope and timelines of these funds will be identified. Additionally, for each opportunity identified and where available, the following information is provided: a full description of the funding opportunity identified; details of the programme; key criteria; timelines; available budget where appropriate and estimation of the total effort/time required to secure the funding opportunity. Worth up to £5,000.

▪   Qi3 are offering individual business assessment analysis. This analysis takes the form of sessions focused on identifying the gaps in a company’s commercial proposition and route to market, both for engaging in sales activity and in gaining investors’ confidence. The output is a short report that maps out the actions required to fill the gaps. This is particularly relevant for cleantech businesses in view of the high level of competition, the dependency of certain innovations on other external factors and the many varied uses for new clean technologies.

▪   Sauce Consultancy, part of 3G Communications - as specialist environmental communication advisors Sauce is offering three days of support to assist in the development of a communications plan to promote your environmental product or service. Sauce will provide guidance and strategic support in relation to market positioning to enable you to showcase your service or product - value £3,000.

▪   TEKCAPITAL are offering a 30 day strategic alliance which will include the following:

- Strategic analysis and the development of a technology sourcing profile.  This will occur in face to face meetings with our executive team in Oxford.

- Access to the Tekcapital Science Advisory Board. This board includes award winning scientists & engineers.

- The creation of a new discoveries report, based on the company specific sourcing profile, which will provide market analysis and a review of the most recent technological discoveries from the top 1,000 research institutions around the world.

- Full review of the report with the executive team and the opportunity to vet specific technologies with our Science Advisory Board.

- This prize, depending on the circumstances, has a value range of £10,000-20,000.

▪  UK Accounting & Finance (UKAF) Ltd is offering free business consulting services for one day a month for six months. These services could include:

- Setting up of Executive Information Templates.

- Setting up of Shareholder Information Packs.

- Process and controls review and / or documentation.

- HR policies and process documentation support.

- Authorisation remits and documentation of employee expense policies and procedures.

- Review and recommendation of processes to minimise working capital.

- Finance basics training for non finance managers.

- Coaching for financial controller / finance function.

- Each prize is worth £7,200.

▪  Vodera is offering a package of Business Plan preparation services to help entrepreneurs with a great idea for a new product/service develop and maintain an effective business plan that would enhance their chances of winning both customers and capital. The latter is far from trivial with less than 1% of those who submit business plans to business angels or venture capitalists successfully raising the capital. Vodera’s business plan preparation services employ a tested framework that critically examines the market drivers and competition, defines the end-user’s benefits and reviews the technical capabilities of the team. Value £3,000

▪   Withers & Rogers will attend the prize winner’s office to undertake a thorough assessment of the company’s Intellectual Property (IP). The aim of this process will be to assess how the company’s business plan is supported by its IP.  We will explore strengths and weaknesses and advise on future IP strategy.  In particular, we will explore existing protection and how that could be bolstered by additional IP protection. Following the meeting, we will produce a report summarising our findings.  The meeting will last for up to a day.  Value £3,000.

▪   Rushlight Mentoring Programme:  We are collating a group of experienced individuals who are offering their services as mentors to CEOs or boards of early stage companies for a fixed period of time.  Participants include:

▪  Peter Jones, who is offering 3 days, value £4,000

▪  Hugh Parnell, who is offering up to 3 days, value £2,000 – £2,500

▪  Mark Thompson, who is offering 1 day, value £1,000

▪  Cameron Brown, who is offering 5 days, value £4,000

Prize Donors

Barking Dog Communication

Barking Dog Communications is an established PR and marketing agency specialising in the environmental and sustainability sectors and delivering real commercial value to its clients. The company has worked with previous Rushlight Award winners and is also staffed by former successful entrants.

BIC Innovation Ltd

BIC Innovation is a full service business consultancy undertaking a wide range of UK and international commercial project work for businesses, development organisations and academia. With a team of 16 highly experienced senior staff and associates, we can deliver comprehensive support from concept to market.

Our services cover market research, creativity, new product development, design, technology transfer, the protection and commercialisation of Intellectual Property and project management. Strong strategic skills underpin all our work.

Bird & Bird LLP

Bird & Bird LLP is an international legal practice with approximately 900 lawyers across our 23 offices around the world.  Our Energy & Utilities Group focuses particularly on the cleantech and alternative energy markets.  As well as advising larger players such as private equity funds, large multi-national energy users and power generators, we provide advice to earlier stage cleantech companies looking to develop their technologies.  We look to work closely with these companies, for example in raising debt or equity funding, in protecting their intellectual property and in documenting their commercial arrangements.

Cambium LLP

Cambium LLP ( is a specialist business consultancy that accelerates the sales of innovative Technologies and Services to the new markets for Sustainable Innovations. We use a range of research, consultancy and training services to achieve this objective.  One of our most powerful and effective research tools is the Sustainability ProspectorTM.

Carbon Table

Launched in 2011, Carbon Table recognises the need for a UK specific resource for sustainability Managers and Directors. Its purpose is to help keep members informed and up to date with commercially viable changes, ideas and developments in the renewable and energy efficiency sector.  Carbon Table is an innovative online resource tool targeted to businesses in the UK working on their internal sustainable initiatives.  We offer a managed independent site, which guarantees an interactive platform for free and constructive discussion and exchange on all matters of sustainable development.  We keep you informed via our Products & Services section of the UK’s leading energy efficiency and renewables companies, who have a proven track record of effectiveness in what they do.

The Centre for Process Information

CPI is a technology innovation centre that uses market knowledge and technology understanding to develop and prototype products and processes quickly and efficiently with minimal risk to its public and private sector partners.

Clarkslegal LLP

Clarkslegal LLP offer all of the services you would expect from a leading commercial law firm, from offices in London, Reading, Cardiff and Swansea.  We are genuinely different from other law firms. At Clarkslegal we understand that clients face new challenges, opportunities and problems. We understand that clients don`t want advisors who have little perception of commercial issues. We know that clients want advisers that are flexible and who take a well balanced commercial approach.  Our offices also host the consultants and scientists working for our subsidiary HR and Environmental consultancies, Forbury People and Forbury Environmental. This means that our people work in a highly innovative, multi-disciplinary environment, which is a world away from that of a traditional law firm.


Climate-KIC is one of three Knowledge and Innovation Communities, designated in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Our core purpose is to create opportunities for innovators to address climate change and shape the world’s next economy. Climate-KIC will provide you with the opportunities and practical tools required to transform your idea into commercial success. You will have the full support of a highly focussed, insightful, entrepreneurial community united in bringing truly important innovations into our lives.


CrowdMission is the world’s first equity-based crowdfunding platform for socially-driven businesses. Founded by social entrepreneur Karen Darby, CrowdMission was set up to redress the lack of funding available to fast-growing sustainable businesses. CrowdMission will challenge the conventional sources of business finance, such as banks, angel investors, and venture capitalists, by providing a crowdfunding platform that allows social entrepreneurs to seek investment direct from the public. We’re not talking about donations though. From an investor’s point of view, CrowdMission will enable ordinary members of the public to invest modest sums of money in return for equity (i.e. shares) in profit-making social businesses.  In short, think ‘Dragons Den’… but online… and with thousands of ‘dragons’ backing businesses that benefit society and the environment.

Delta Carbon Capital Partners

Delta Carbon provides advice and investment for the low carbon economy.  We work exclusively with low carbon technology businesses – particularly early-stage businesses – helping them to develop “bankable” and “backable” propositions.  We manage a network of investors with an appetite for low carbon technology.  We are currently raising an investment fund for early-stage low carbon technology investment.

Eco Trans

Eco Trans is a translation company dedicated to the renewable energy and environmental sectors. Some of the largest renewable energy companies in the world trust us with their translations.  We have the capacity for large projects and can meet tight deadlines at affordable rates.Eco Trans only uses professional, qualified and experienced linguists, all of whom have minimum of a degree in translation and extensive experience in the renewable energy sector. All Eco Trans project managers are qualified through the Association for Project Management.  With experience in translating anything from websites, financial documents to wildlife impact studies and highly technical and legal documentation, the client can be assured that the translation job is in good hands. We treat our customer confidentiality very seriously.  We are one of very few translation companies who are independently UKAS certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004and the European standard for quality translation BS EN 15038.  Other services include: InterpretingDesktop Publishing, Subtitling, Transcription, Voiceovers, Proof reading.  At Eco Trans we’re passionate about language, communication and creating a cleaner more sustainable world.

Eventure Media Ltd

Eventure Media provides quality and informative events and support services that are specifically designed to help to promote and encourage the development and deployment of clean technology solutions throughout the UK and Ireland.  Under the Rushlight brand, we run the leading awards for the development of clean technology solutions, the Clean Technologies Show which bring together cleantech companies, investors, adopters, advisers and other market supporters,  investor briefings, networking events and other topical programmes in the cleantech sector.  To provide direct assistance, a handful of cleantech companies are supported in the virtual cleantech incubator.

fd unlimited

fdu group provides companies of all sizes with access to the finance expertise they need at every stage in their business lifecycle. Through its innovative online portal, Finance Gofer, businesses and finance professionals have access to an on-demand resources they need to respond effectively to the day-to-day challenges of running a growing business.

Finance Gofer offers a range of financial planning tools and services, including the recently launched GoForecast, a new online forecasting and professional support service, for accurate modelling and forecasting to plan for  business growth, from as little as £200 a month.

Fleet Renewables 

Fleet renewables is a business dedicated to the commercialisation of new and innovative renewable energy devices. We partner with individuals and companies with viable products and facilitate access to customers and the market.

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a global growth consulting company with 50 years of expertise in 10 different industry sectors including Energy and Environmental Technologies.  Frost & Sullivan’s 1800 industry experts are based in over 40 offices worldwide, with an emphasis on providing local industry expertise and analysis of new market opportunities for corporate growth.  The company is a the world leader in Growth Consulting and the integrated areas of technology research, market research, economic research, corporate best practices, training, customer research, competitive intelligence, and corporate strategy.

FRP Transition

FRP Transition is a trading division of FRP Advisory LLP and is a specialist interim management provider.  As the name suggests, the focus is on businesses ‘in transition’, a definition covering start-up, change of ownership, growth, entry into new markets, operational and organisational redesign and  turnaround & restructuring. .   Our interim managers operate at board level in line management or programme management roles and include executives who have experience of ‘C’-level roles outside the UK – particularly West, Central and Eastern Europe.

Gill Jennings & Every LLP

Gill Jennings & Every LLP is a firm of European Patent & Trade Mark attorneys and is MIP’s “UK Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year 2010″ and one of very few IP specialist firms top-ranked by all three IP market endorsers. We’re over 100 strong, and in 2012, 100 years old (an Olympic celebration!). Rather than just rest on attorney tradition, we have a progressive and very business-minded approach to IP advice (patents, designs, trade marks/brands etc). We do about half our work with UK organizations and entrepreneurs including Universities/spin-outs, early stage/SMEs, investors and household names.  The other half is for multi-nationals and law firms in the US, Japan and the rest of Europe. is a video-based platform for environmental and renewable technology companies to showcase themselves to prospective clients and investors at no cost. We offer a new way to help take technologies to market, by providing a hub of information delivered through an engaging form of visual media. The website is produced by London Research International (LRI), an energy and environmental consultancy based in the UK.

Life Size Media

Life Size Media specialise in producing informed, engaging communication materials that bring your work to life. Whether it’s exciting the press with your latest development or highlighting the significance of what you do with a promotional film, we’ll put your work at the forefront of the cleantech sector. Life Size Media are a creative team that work exclusively with enterprises whose main output generates environmental or social benefits.  Life Size Media provide a holistic approach to communications with an emphasis on conveying often complex messages in an innovative, engaging and accessible style. We offer services in public relations, branding, web-design, promotional film, print, presentations, social media and carbon services.


Numeritas’ core area of business lies in the development of decision making and analytical tools developed in Excel using our tried and tested methodologies. We deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to our clients in forecasting, reporting, data manipulation and analysis as well as helping to manage risk through model risk assessments, staff coaching and training. We have technical expertise not only in model design and model build but also in codifying management’s understanding of their business and its risks, project management and model risk management. Application of these skills will allow improvement of a company’s risk management, capital management and decision making capabilities.

NW Brown

NW Brown Insurance Brokers Limited has over 30 years experience in finding insurance solutions to protect your business.  We work closely with businesses from start ups, to mature companies in order to fully understand their specific and individual insurance requirements.  We continuously review developments in the insurance market to ensure our clients receive up to date advice.  We appreciate that for an insurance policy to work for you, it is essential that claims are handled effectively.  Our dedicated claims handlers can provide immediate post loss advice and arrange visits where required.

Planet Positive

Planet Positive is an international certification and environmental management system for businesses, products, buildings and services.  We go beyond compliance into proof of action, behaviour change and encouraging business to support local sustainability projects and Amazon rainforest protection.  We work with large corporations such as Land Securities and Deloitte through to hundreds of SMEs.  We have built an online Business Certification process specifically for SMEs which removes the need for consultants and makes sustainability fast, simple and cost-effective.  Planet Positive Buildings, including distribution centres for M&S and Sainsbury’s, have won multiple awards for their low carbon innovation and community engagement.

PNO Consultants

We are Europe’s leading full-service independent grant consultancy and the only one able to provide services at the same service level throughout the continent.

The world of grants is extremely sophisticated, often challenging and always demanding in terms of resources. We understand it in all of its complexity. We have in-house specialists in a wide variety of fields, from life sciences to aeronautics, plus all the necessary skills to act as an independent partner for any organization seeking public funding.

We combine an understanding of the dynamics of clients´ activities and ambitions with insights into key societal issues that are supported by government funding. The net effect of our contribution is to reduce your workload, increase your return on investment and shorten your time to market.

We provide grant consultancy services throughout Europe to a wide range of clients from SMEs to multinational companies, non-profit organisations, technological platforms, multi-stakeholder partnerships, universities and governments. We employ 400 specialists and have 30 offices in 12 European countries. We operate as CiaoTech in Italy.


Qi3 offers technology market evaluation for corporate venturing organisations and technology companies; hands-on business development support; and fully comprehensive analysis and advice to companies seeking to improve their performance. We enjoy the buzz of working with New Technology Enterprises with novel technologies, from “virtual companies” with no full-time staff to companies with 50 and over. We also get a kick out of helping divisions of diversified Technology Corporations grow in to new application and geographical markets.  The new Qi3 Accelerator programme provides risk investment supporting companies to rapidly commercialise their products.  We offer funds and commercial management support to businesses in the environmental sustainability and security domains in two modes: “Accelerate to Market” for companies seeking rapid market entry and “Accelerate to Growth” for companies with potential for rapid revenue growth. Qi3 has allocated a significant fund to support a limited number of projects, to ensure that ideas are commercialised to their full potential.


Rushlight is the brand of Eventure Media covering all of the cleantech sector.  It includes Rushlight Events and the Rushlight incubator.  Rushlight Events inform and support cleantech companies, investors, advisers, public and third sector, networks and critically the adopters of cleantech solutions.  The incubator is designed to provide market-leading and personal assistance to select businesses to facilitate their route to market.

Sauce Consultancy, Part of 3G Communications

Sauce Consultancy, part of 3G Communications, is a specialist environmental communications company with significant experience of working in the waste, recycling and environmental fields. We work with our clients to develop and deliver simple messages around complex issues, providing a bridge between the technical and the communications requirements of projects.  ”Action speaks louder than words” is our maxim for a very good reason – we deliver campaigns, consultation and communications using a variety of innovative tools and techniques and have the knowledge and skills to deliver messages with intelligence, precision and impact.


TEKCAPITAL is the world’s most powerful network for open innovation.  We rapidly identify, acquire and transfer new discoveries to our partners from more than 1,000 of the world’s top universities and research institutions.  The result is an exogenous technology pipeline to invigorate the product development efforts for companies of all sizes.  This is made possible by our unique model that simplifies transfer on both the demand and supply sides and provides continuous sourcing and, when required, financing of new discoveries.


UKAF Ltd works with its clients to maximise success by making things simple leading to sustainable profitability. We work with companies to transform their finance functions and to build commercially aware finance teams who can partner with the business managers.  Our business services include providing accounting, book keeping, HR, payroll and company secretarial needs in the UK.

UKAF Corporate Training also provides bespoke programmes such as Finance for Non Finance Managers, Introduction to HR, Supply Chain and Achieving Fast Financial Close.


Vodera is a specialist provider of innovation management services to R&D intensive organisations across Europe interested in technology commercialisation for business growth and impact to market and/or society. The company is based in London, UK and supports its clients and collaborators during all stages of technology development and exploitation, from proof of concept through to market launch. Vodera delivers its services to multinational corporations, start-ups and universities either directly or as part of regional and national government agency initiatives.

Withers & Rogers

Withers & Rogers LLP is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the UK and Europe. We specialise in the protection and enforcement of IP rights, including patents for inventions, trade marks and design rights. With more than 50 experts with specialist experience in many industry sectors, we enjoy working closely with our clients so we can advise them on the best intellectual property strategy to meet their needs.  Our Clean Technology Group has vast experience advising companies in the clean tech sector on protection of their technologies and brands. Our experts cover areas as diverse as wind farm technologies, hybrid vehicles, bio fuels and waste water treatment.