Rushlight Transport Briefing

Sustainable Solutions Market Panel


This event stream is designed to bring together companies with market-ready products and services and the decision-makers in companies looking for sustainable solutions that will give them a strategic edge, a competitive advantage and a major step-up in their bid to manage their environmental footprint, energy costs and supply chain resilience.

The hardest part of doing business for a cleantech organisation is breaking into the market and the most difficult aspect for a company looking for sustainable solutions is to find the ones that are most interesting and relevant to their organisation.  This event is designed to address these issues and to create the marketplace.

The panel:

Chair: Tim Sullivan, Director Energy Management and Property Compliance, Rolls-Royce

Jerome Baddley, Head of Sustainable Development Unit, NHS

Miriam Turner, Assistant VP Co-Innovation, Interface

Louise Clarke, Group Sustainability Manager, Berkeley Group Holdings plc

Yodaly Sierra-Rubio, EMEA Business Development Manager, Corporate Outsourcing Energy & Sustainability, CBRE

Laure Ferrande, Innovation Engineer, Bouygues Energies & Services

The presenting companies are:


ULEMCo, Amanda Lyne.  Presentation is HERE, Francesco Cara.   Presentation is HERE

Clearance Solutions Ltd, Rufus Hirsch.   Presentation is HERE

BasePower, George Fowkes.   Presentation is HERE

Earth Save Products, David Wood.   Presentation is HERE

11.30am      Break


The Recycled Assets Company Ltd, Jason Bentley.   Presentation is HERE

Smart Impulse, Charles Gourio.   Presentation is HERE

Sunfixings, Mark Poskitt.   Presentation is HERE

Premium Power, Andrew Sexton.   Presentation is HERE

Predictive Control Systems, Kevin Fitzgibbon.   Presentation is HERE

Local Ecological Footprinting Tool, Peter Long.   Presentation is HERE

The Investor Confidence Project Europe, Steven Fawkes.   Presentation is HERE

Powerstar, Robert Hughes.   Presentation is HERE

12.45pm      Close