The Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR

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The Rushlight Summer Showcase took place on Tuesday 20 June 2017 at the Royal Geographical Society, London. It incorporated:

  • an Exhibition of over 50 innovative clean technology solutions, including the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Round 3 Showcase and an Enterprise Ireland Group
  • Conference, incorporating the Cleantech Innovation Showcase, opened by the new Minister of State for BEIS, Claire Perry, with 44 companies presenting their cutting edge new technologies
  • Investor Networking over an extended lunch break, enabling investors to meet up and for cleantech companies to approach investors.

The Rushlight Summer Showcase is THE marketplace that brings together over 250 cleantech developers and sustainable solution providers, active European investors & financiers, corporate venturers, government departments, consultants, intermediaries, advisers  and businesses looking to source suppliers and partners for an improved level of sustainability in their supply chain and operations.

Summary of the Show

8.30 – 9.00      Registration and welcome teas and coffees in the Map Room

9.00 – 11.00     Conference in Ondaatje Theatre

11.00 – 11.20   Break and Exhibition in Main Hall and Education Centre

11.20 – 13.00 Conference in Ondaatje Theatre

13.00 – 13.45 Lunch and Exhibition in Main Hall and Education Centre

13.45 – 14.15 Investor Networking in the Garden, Lunch and Exhibition in Main Hall and Education Centre

14.15 – 15.40  Conference in Ondaatje Theatre

15.40 – 16.00 Break and Exhibition in Main Hall and Education Centre

16.00 – 17.30  Conference in Ondaatje Theatre

17.30              Close


The Directory of Projects for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst – Round 3 can be found HERE.

The Directory of Projects for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst – Round 2 can be found HERE.

Clean Energy Pipeline Special Rushlight Summer Showcase Offer

Clean Energy Pipeline understands that in this ever evolving and increasingly competitive market it is more difficult to form the strongest commercial relationships and stand out against competitors.

We help our clients make safer and more informed decisions while leveraging our network to continue building on their current relationships and key markets.  Clean Energy Pipeline enables our clients to achieve their goals through various channels including access to our global news, data and analysis, and with market engagement activity such as thought leadership reports and events.

Use your attendee code RUSHLIGHTSE17 to register your interest at and to gain access to Clean Energy Pipeline for one month and a reduction on current rates.


Delegates gave the following feedback for the Summer Showcase:

It was a great show, excellent organisation and venue, possibly the best I have been involved with of its type, so thanks for letting us take part. – Peter Harris, Business Development Manager, MGS Ltd

Many thanks for the coordination and successful organisation of the event yesterday. It was really interesting and a good day for business. – Sri Pamidi, Solar Systems Engineer, Exergy Ltd

I want to express our appreciation for yesterdays event, which was well organised and extremely well managed. We found it action packed and very worthwhile…..- George O’Malley, CEO, BioRefinery Ireland

I found it very useful and the quality of the pitches is excellent – John Williams, Chief Technical Officer, Sinvestec

Thank you for the great organisation of the event, both the conference and the exhibition. – Nico Bianco, Applications Engineering Manager, CMCL Innovations

Congratulations on another superb event – Very impressed with the quality of the content, the attendees and a first class venue. – John Hunt, Senior Market Advisor, Enterprise Ireland

We were pleased with the outcome. Thank you very much for moving our presentation up the tight schedule, this allowed us to catch our plane – Drew McDowell, CEO, Dipetane International

I thought it was a very successful day with a great mix of business start ups and other stakeholders. – Stephen Marland, Emerging Technology & Innovation, National Grid

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and followed up with some of the SME’s that caught my interest. Still very early days but, I hope to work with at least  one of them very soon. – Kaye Sotomi, Energy Account and Business Development Manager, Bouygues Energies & Services

We found the event very useful and thought it went very well, as it put us in contact with many relevant companies and individuals. We thoroughly enjoyed presenting and discussing our work with other attendees and with Claire Perry. – Ashley Brew, Research Scientist, OXIS Energy

It was an excellent event and thanks for your organisation. – Yunting Ge, Reader and Course Director, Brunel University

Congratulations on running a great event – David McMillan, Lecturer, University of Strathclyde

I think the event was very successful and useful for us by way of establishing contacts and engaging in interesting conversations. I think you did well in attracting a good number of representatives of major players in the energy storage and utilities sector, which was particularly useful for us. – Christoph Birkl, CEO, Brill Power

Thank you for …………organising such a fantastic and informative event. We shall inform our industrial partners of the event, so they can attend in future. – Auwal Muktar Dodo, Research Fellow, University of Nottingham

Very well done on the Rushlight Summer Showcase the other week, it was both interesting and engaging. – Ashton Shuttleworth, Partner, La Vene Solar

Thanks very much for the event on Tuesday, we were very pleased with it. We made a number of high grade connections and everything ran very smoothly. – Exhibition standholder and presenter


This event is for:

  • organisations that are developing and deploying clean innovations and technologies
  • sustainability practitioners, heads of procurement, business owners and others looking to adopt clean technologies and manage their organisation’s environmental footprint proactively
  • investors and financiers in clean technologies, renewables energy and resource projects and companies
  • firms advising cleantech developers and deployers
  • social entrepreneurs and local community project participants
  • local authorities and government departments
  • analysts, media and other participants of the sector