AkzoNobel a manufacturer of paints and coatings is looking for solutions that could help the industry to move towards the circular economy principles. Transformation to a circular model is not the same as only promoting the recycling of paints and coatings. It means finding alternative sources of raw materials, as well as extending the functionality of the materials in paints and coatings after their use. It requires a different mindset to recognize the potential for circular solutions, while overcoming legal and practical hurdles.

When looking at our full value chain we know there are many opportunities to close the loop of the materials, but we need the help of others to:

  • Find new ways to avoid waste creation thought out the value chain, including customers’ side
  • Adopt alternative sources (including bio-based) for raw materials or
  • Through new formulations that guarantee product life extension as well as new business models e.g product as a service

To learn more: https://www.letspaintthefuture.com/challenge/circular-solutions/

Our platform will be open to submission until March 1st 2019