Are you a circular economy researcher or entrepreneur? Do you have specific questions that you would like to pose to Prof. Stahel? Well, then you could be in with the chance of winning an exclusive mentoring session with Prof. Stahel.

CEC has teamed up with Prof. Walter R. Stahel in a #CECMentors opportunity. If you get to be the winner of this exclusive opportunity, Prof. Stahel will be able to point you in the right direction, helping you to tackle specific circular-related challenges in a 40 minute-long video-conference mentoring session.

Walter-Stahel-photoProf. Walter is a full member of the Club of Rome. Credited with having coined the expression “Cradle to Cradle” in the late 1970s, Stahel worked at developing a “closed loop” approach to production processes and created The Product Life Institute in Geneva in 1983. His work pursues four main goals: product-life extension, long-life goods, reconditioning activities, and waste prevention. In the 1990s, Stahel extended this vision to selling goods as services as the most efficient strategy of the circular economy. He described this approach in his 2006 book The Performance Economy, with a second enlarged edition in 2010 which contains 300 examples and case studies.

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