There are prizes of up to £10,000 for new products and systems addressing one or more themes: inclusive living, building performance, smart/digital technology & scalability.  Go to for details.

Home of 2030 is a design and delivery competition created to drive innovation in the provision of affordable, efficient and healthy green homes for all.

We need to increase the supply of new homes, ensuring resources are used efficiently and we build them to last. They need to provide healthy, safe and attractive places to live, that benefit people and communities.

It is a big challenge. Home of 2030 aims to inspire and reward the ambition of housing providers, designers, the supply chain and others helping to meet the big challenge of future housing needs. It is a cross-government initiative that will feed into the development of government policy, breaking down barriers that impede innovation and delivery. Home of 2030 will help develop widely applicable commercial solutions that make our homes better, and help develop low carbon technology so our homes can play their part in combating climate change.

Home of 2030 is a cross-departmental initiative funded by HM Government.