This course will help you develop and implement a sustainability strategy for your organisation, and will build your understanding of how sustainability is being embedded in leading organisations around the world.

You will learn from senior academics from University College London and industry leaders with decades of experience in sustainability consulting. Our delivery partners include sustainability experts Anthesis and Volans.

You will learn via interactive live teaching across three full days. We will provide you with preparatory reading in advance and will assess your work over the two weeks between Days 2 and 3, and after the course.

Why take this course?

This practical course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the business sustainability agenda.

You will return to your role equipped with the confidence and skills to lead transformative change to benefit your organisation and your stakeholders.

Who is this course is for?

This course is suitable for middle and senior managers and board level advisors who make

business decisions and formulate organisational strategy and policy.

This course will enable you to:

  • evaluate the impact of current global, economic, social and environmental pressures on your organisation
  • understand the importance of navigating complexity through system-thinking
  • make recommendations on how to align sustainability with your core organisational strategy
  • assess the opportunities for innovation and collaboration with key stakeholders
  • reflect on the values, thinking and practices that you need to develop to be an effective change agent
  • take action now and explore our organisation’s role in the sustainability transition
  • leave with a Personal Action Plan, so you are set up to start implementing straight away

What are the benefits for my organisation?

Your organisation will benefit from worldclass research and industry case studies to become more sustainable in its activities. Your organisation will be better prepared to meet pressing sustainability challenges which customers are increasingly expecting companies to respond to positively.

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