Rushlight Awards


Plans are currently under review.  The awards have been delayed to enable there to be a physical event in the summer when it is expected that there will be the least number of restrictions or concerns about the pandemic.



Results of the Rushlight Awards 2020-21

Congratulations to the following organisations for their success at the Rushlight Awards 2020-21:

The Rushlight Award   Overall Winner:  GlasPort Bio
Group categories     Winner  
Rushlight Natural Energy Award Mixergy Limited  
Rushlight Clean Energy Award   Alsol Energias Renovaveis SA
Rushlight Energy Environmental Award     Qpinch  
Rushlight Resource Innovation Award AFECO  
Rushlight Environmental Management Award Beattie Passive
Direct entry categories                     Winner  
Rushlight Solar Award   Mixergy Limited  
Rushlight Wind Power Award   Electron  
Rushlight Powered Transport Award Alsol Energias Renovaveis SA
Rushlight Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Award Steamology Motion Ltd
Rushlight Nuclear Energy Award NuScale Power LLC
Rushlight Energy Reduction Award Future Motors Ltd
Rushlight Energy Efficiency Award Qpinch  
Rushlight Water Treatment Award AFECO  
Rushlight Water Management Award Ding Tai Co Ltd
Rushlight Resource Management Award Sterlite Technologies Ltd
Rushlight Resource Recycling Award Aquapak Polymers Limited
Rushlight Clean Environment Award U-Earth Biotech
Rushlight Responsible Product or Service Award Beattie Passive
Rushlight Sust Manuf & Services Award O.C.O Technology Ltd
Rushlight Sust Agric, Forestry & Biodiv Award Engro Foundation
Rushlight Sustainability Initiative Award NEXTLOOPP Ltd


In addition, the following companies were commended:

Solid Energy a/s


Chemical Processing Services Ltd

Happy Community Organisation


The Rushlight Awards 2020-21 Press Release can be found here: RUSHLIGHT AWARDS 2020-21 PRESS RELEASE



They are the only set of awards designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations, initiatives and deployment projects for businesses and other organisations throughout UK and internationally.

The Rushlight Awards are open to all types of organisation at any stage of corporate development, including individual inventors, early stage companies, charities, universities, SMEs, quoted companies and multi-nationals.

There are all the categories from prior years (see Categories), including the following:

  1. each of the renewable energy types
  2. improvements to older energy forms
  3. environmental clean-up solutions
  4. resource efficiency in all its guises
  5. transport of all types
  6. sustainable manufacturing, sustainable products, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, environmental metrology
  7. sustainable initiatives, programmes and deployment
Next Round of Rushlight Awards

The Rushlight Awards 2021-22 will open in June 2021 and entries will close on 30 November 2021.


Thank you to the organisations listed below who have generously provided the awards benefits and prizes this year:

As a benefit for all Rushlight Awards entrants who are commercial businesses, Granted Consultancy would like to offer you a 1 to 1 Project Exploration.  This is a chance to discover non-dilutive funding opportunities specific to your innovative project, Including:

·         An assessment of your Project Executive Summary in relation to securing Grant Funding

·         A meeting/conf call with one of Granted Consultancy’s senior funding consultants to explore suitable funding opportunities to enhance the commercial scalability of your business through securing grant funding.

As a benefit exclusively for Rushlight Awards entrants, Venner Shipley would like to offer a complimentary virtual one-to-one with our IP specialists. We are experienced in advising on how your IP rights may be used to deter competitors, to attract investment, generate income or even to reduce tax bills. Our patent, design and trademark attorneys take the time to ensure that clients understand all of their options for gaining protection, as well as the costs and timescales involved, whether they are a start-up, SME or multinational. We also have a specialist team of intellectual property lawyers who are able to advise on specialist legal issues.

Once again, Barking Dog Communications are providing free PR consultation, to the overall and group category winners, which will provide some guidance on how to maximise your achievements in the press and social media channels, as an extra benefit for your success.


All Rushlight Awards entrants will receive a complimentary assessment by one of our Technical Team members at MCS on a one-to-one basis. This will be to gather information about your business and projects that you are working on and see if you are eligible for Research and Development Tax Credits and Patent Box. This could be a valuable resource to support innovation and improve cash flow. To book this just email your details to

Theta Global Advisors and Future Matters Venture Capital are offering an i-Round Navigator diagnostic review to all qualifying entrants. This diagnostic review will be conducted by a senior technical accounting and financial reporting expert and an executive/advisor from a VC operations team and cover the following four areas: corporate finance tools; planning, budgeting and performance measurement; reporting and internal controls; and investment transaction 

management. Our experts will provide some guidance on how to deal with practical complexities in these areas in a cost-effective way and improve overall organizational efficiency of the business. This benefit is designed for later stage start-ups looking to raise growth funding from institutional investors.

SeedLegals are offering up to 6 prizes for organisations that meet the following criteria:

  • A UK, France or Ireland incorporated commercial start-up
  • Raising anywhere between £50k-10m in the next 4 months

We are offering one top prize of a free 1-2-1 consultation with founder and CEO of SeedLegals, Anthony Rose.  Anthony is a tech visionary and serial entrepreneur who has built and sold numerous start-ups. He co-founded SeedLegals, and as CEO has led it to becoming the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK. Anthony holds an unrivalled knowledge, experience and data-driven insight on the tips and pitfalls of fundraising.

We are also offering 5 further prizes of a free consultation with a SeedLegals funding strategist. Here winners can discuss with one of our experts their funding strategy and insights on how best to get their business to the next close of funding.


Selected Rushlight entrants will receive access to ConsortiaCo‘s flagship Executive Programme for Business to Government Development. Launching January 18th, This 4 week programme will demonstrate how to take your solution into the public sector and guide participants to developing revenue streams from collaborative engagements, consortium creation and direct tendering. 

The programme is taught within a dedicated Virtual Learning Environment with over 30 Micro Sessions, 1 to 1 Mentoring and real time application. The programme will include:

  • Defining & Articulating your Solution
  • How to Find and Quality Opportunities
  • Creating a Bid Process
  • B2G Strategy
  • Consortium and Peer Development

Selection will depend on the Entrant’s Market Readiness and ability to demonstrate a commercially viable solution. The organisation must have a product or service on the market, or ready for immediate deployment. Proof of concept and articulation of the service offering will be requested as part of the qualification and selection process. 


About Granted Consultancy Ltd

We are Granted Consultancy, an experienced team of UK and EU grant funding specialists. Granted Consultancy has the expertise to secure and manage the full range of non-dilutive funding options – our Grant Writing, Project Management, Training and Tax Credit services allow you to focus on your business whilst relying on your very own in-house grant experts. 

Our sectoral experience spans AI, Digital and Data, Cleantech and Agritech, Health and Life Sciences and Manufacturing, Mobility and Materials.  We have a demonstrable track record of successfully securing funding and since 2010 have secured over £75m of UK and EU grant funding.  At Granted Consultancy we thrive on learning about new technologies and innovative business models, so if you have an ambitious project get in contact with our team to give your business the best chance of securing funding.

About Venner Shipley

Venner Shipley is a leading firm of European intellectual property attorneys and lawyers. We are a modern forward-thinking firm with a long history and a vast amount of experience in relation to all aspects of patents, trademarks and IP law.  We are experienced in advising on how your IP rights may be used to deter competitors, to attract investment, generate income or even to reduce tax bills. Our attorneys take the time to ensure that clients understand all of their options for gaining protection, as well as the costs and timescales involved, whether they are a start-up, SME or multinational. We also have a specialist team of intellectual property lawyers and a barrister who are able to advise on legal issues.

About Barking Dog Communications

For more than a decade, Barking Dog has been one of leading full-service PR & Marketing agencies in the sustainability sector. Our clients span the breadth of the new green economy; including environmentally friendly products, waste management, specialist recyclers, renewables, waste-to-energy and environmental planning & protection.  We’re committed to investing the time to understand your challenges and objectives before using our experience and creativity to help you achieve your goals. This could mean providing you with a greater presence online, getting more exposure in the media, connecting with new and existing customers or developing innovative collateral to help you sell more effectively. As such, we’re experienced designers, web developers, film makers, communications and PR consultants, copywriters, SEO experts and brand developers as well as helping clients think strategically and tactically.

About MCS

MCS Corporate Strategies is a very specialist company working in Research and Development Tax Credits/ Allowance, Patents, Creative Industries and Grants. Support for research is growing rapidly as Government policy actively encourages companies to take up claims. MCS Corporate has well established claims experience. The claims process is undertaken in-house, is confidential, involves liaison with clients, their accountants and, importantly, HMRC. Clients are supported throughout as they expand and enhance their activities, we’ve helped hundreds of SMEs and large corporates to get the funds they need to support innovation and improve cash flow.

About Theta Global Advisors and Future Matters Venture Capital and

Theta Global Advisors provide expert support in a wide range of areas including accounting advisory, consultancy services, tax advisory and resource solutions. We have a deep experience in helping our clients resolve financial reporting challenges such as GAAP conversions and implementations, Asset finance & leasing, Financial instruments, Financial instrument impairments, Structuring transactions, Deal related transactions and due-diligence or Structured product development.

Future Matters Venture Capital focus on supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups in creating valuable companies through a combination of early stage financing or partnership approach in the renewable energy sector, with their experience spanning across the US, UK, Europe and South East Asia. We favour projects that aim to deliver a positive environmental impact, enable development of a circular economy and have potential to succeed on a global scale.

About SeedLegals

SeedLegals is the operating platform for start-ups. Used by over 20,000 start-ups, SeedLegals is the quickest and fastest way to sort the legals for your next fundraising and incentivise talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms and accountancy firms. Start-ups on average are closing their rounds with an 80% saving on time and cost using SeedLegals.

About ConsortiaCo

ConsortiaCo is a commercial innovation agency based in Cork, Ireland. We source, coordinate and manage consortium and collaborative business development opportunities within the EU Market and provide business advisory, mentoring and training support. ConsortiaCo runs several clusters of creative-tech, wellness and commercial groups engaged in B2G Commercial Development in the Irish, UK and EU Market. Our organisation houses 100 SMEs and Startups and a portfolio of 35 Public Sector Clients. Our emphasis is on innovative and commercial development through Business to Government tactics.