Rushlight Awards

Entry Form Guidelines

Closing date for entries is 30 November 2020 

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the appropriate category or categories for your technology, innovation, initiative or knowledge advancement.  The same activity can be entered into more than one category and can be different to address the criteria of each category.  The categories are listed under the Categories tab on the panel on the left.

Step 2: Read through the entry criteria and guidelines for your chosen category(ies) very carefully (these are linked to each category on the Categories page) and download the RUSHLIGHT AWARDS 2020-21 ENTRY FORM  and complete it.  Please limit your entry to the word limits set out on the entry forms to keep the judges happy!

Step 3: Read the guidance set out below to give yourselves the best chance of winning an award.

Step 4: Return the completed entry form in WORD format as an attachment to an email to  The submission of an entry form will be seen as an explicit acceptance of the competition’s terms and conditions and also a deemed signature of the entry form itself. The entry fee becomes payable automatically upon the submission of the entry and can be paid online HERE.

Step 5: If you feel that further materials would be helpful and would add to your entry, please enclose them with your entry form in soft copy format.  Attachments with entry forms are limited to two items only and must be less than 5Mb in size.  These items will not form part of the poster.

Step 6: You will receive an email to confirm that your entry form has been received.  Your entry will be given a unique identification number (UIN) which will be used throughout the judging process.  The confirmation email will provide you with the UIN and also set out our bank details for payment of the entry fee.  Payment can be made on the registration system HERE, online, by cheque made out to Eventure Media Ltd with your UIN written on the back and sent to the address set out on the invoice, or by BACS direct to the bank account, using your UIN as reference.

Step 7: You will also receive details about the benefits available to all entrants and how to obtain them.  You can choose whether you wish to gain from any or all of these benefits.  Your decision on participating in these benefits will have no bearing on the outcome of the judging process for the Awards.  This is simply a free set of benefit for all entrants.

How to obtain an entry form

An entry form can be downloaded here: RUSHLIGHT AWARDS 2020-21 ENTRY FORM

Who should enter the awards

Entries are invited from all types of organization which have pursued or developed either a specific technology or a process/ initiative that is having or will have a significantly beneficial impact on the environment.  The awards are open to all sizes of organization in the public, private and voluntary sectors, research establishments and commercial enterprises which are located anywhere in the world.

How to enter

There are many different categories to choose from and entrants can enter as many categories as they wish.  A separate  entry form may need to be completed for each category entered where the entry criteria are different.  Entries should be sent by email to  Supporting material can also be sent, but only in soft copy form, and limited to 2 items each below 5Mb in size.  The entry deadline is 30 November 2020.

Eligibility period

The awards will recognize work or initiatives that were carried out or completed during the period from 1 January 2017 to 30 November 2020.  Entrants must make it clear when the activity took place and at what stage the technology, facility, initiative or innovation has reached. It is in the entrant’s best interests to be clear on this, otherwise the judges may feel that the entry has risks attached to it that have actually already been addressed through deployment.

Submissions and entry criteria

Entrants should use the entry forms provided and send them to  Entrants should ensure that the following criteria are clear in their submissions for all awards:

  • Description of the idea or development in technology that has led to the positive impact
  • The stage that the innovation has reached, such as 1/10th scale prototype, fully deployed, already sold x in the market, programme completed etc.
  • Evaluation of the effect that the idea or technology is having or will have
  • How the idea, concept or product is being rolled out or commercialised, where appropriate, eg licensing, alliances, retail outlets etc
  • Objective evidence of the effect of the technology or innovation
  • What aspect of the technology has been developed by the applicant(s)

Other specific rules

All entrants will be required to confirm that their organisations have complied with environmental legislation and regulations and they will be asked to disclose if there are any material legal or other outstanding proceedings or matters related to the environment.  Any matters that are highlighted will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed outside the Rushlight Awards judging process.  The records will be handled in strict adherence to the company’s Data Protection Act registration and the GDPR.

Results of the judging

Shortlists will be drawn up for each award category.  No ranking of entrants will be provided for the shortlisted entries other than the announcement of the winner and possible mentions of special commendations.  In particular, all entries’ performances outside the shortlisted entries will remain confidential.  Unfortunately, due to the number of entries, it will not be possible for the judges to give any comments or feedback about specific entries.

Awards winners

All the winners will be announced at the end of January and entrants will be notified about the results.

Entry fees

Cost of entry is:

£35 plus VAT for charity sector bodies.  Please provide your charity registration number.

£100 plus VAT per entry for awards 1-4, 6-8, 10-14, 16-21, 23-28.

Free for all the other awards, as they cannot be entered into directly, but arise from entering the direct entry categories listed above and being shortlisted as successful entries.

A 20% discount on the entry fee is available for members of supporting partners or subscribers to media partners’ publications

By entering the awards, a liability to pay the entry fee arises.  The entry will not be submitted in full unless the entry fee has been paid by 30 November 2020 at the latest.  The judges and organisers therefore reserve the right to exclude any entries where the entry fee has not been paid.

The most direct way to pay for your entry is to click HERE.

Confidentiality and the right to publish

Some parts of your submission may be confidential or commercially sensitive.  Any part of your submission which is confidential or commercially sensitive should be clearly marked as such and included as a separate enclosure and will not be published.  Eventure Media reserves the right to publish any other information provided by entrants, especially about finalists, commended entrants and winners and to enable the media partners of the event to do the same.

Where to send your entry

Please send your entries in soft copy format to:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone us on 020 8870 9345.