Rushlight Transport Briefing

Wednesday and Thursday, 10-11 March 2021


Lead Sponsor
Innovation Showcase




UK Energy  Session


Natural Capital & Resourceful Session


Cleantech Conference
Sustainable Solutions Market Panel
Investor Lounges

The Rushlight Show incorporates:

  • an Exhibition of innovative clean technology solutions, including the Innovate UK Infrastructure Systems Showcase
  • Cleantech Conference, incorporating the Cleantech Innovation Showcase
  • Sustainable Solutions Market Panel (SSMP) of heads of sustainability and procurement of major corporates
  • Natural Capital & Resource session, in association with the Circular Economy Club
  • UK Energy session
  • Investor Lounges
  • Networking

The detailed agenda for the 2 days is being finalised.  A draft programme which sets out many of the participants and the market-leading content is available here: RUSHLIGHT SHOW 2021 DRAFT PROGRAMME

This event is for:

  • organisations that are developing and deploying clean innovations and technologies
  • sustainability practitioners, heads of procurement, business owners and others looking to adopt clean technologies and manage their organisation’s environmental footprint proactively
  • investors and financiers in clean technologies, renewables energy and resource projects and companies
  • firms advising cleantech developers and deployers
  • social entrepreneurs and local community project participants
  • local authorities and government departments
  • analysts, media and other participants of the sector



Library of past event programmes:

The 2020 Show brochure is available RUSHLIGHT SHOW 2020 BROCHURE UPDATED .

The Directory of Projects for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst 2020 Showcase can be found Innovate UK Energy Catalyst 2020 – Directory of Projects (without pictures 2)

Previous Innovate UK Showcases at Rushlight Shows:

The Directory of Projects for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst – Round 1 can be found HERE

The Directory of Projects for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst – Round 2 can be found HERE

The Directory of Projects for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst – Round 3 can be found HERE

The Directory of Projects for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst – Round 4 can be found HERE

The Innovate UK Clean Growth & Infrastructure Systems Directory is available HERE

The Innovate UK Investing in Clean Technologies Directory is available HERE



This is what delegates thought of the 2020 event:

Many thanks for yesterday, it was a great introduction to the cleantech sector in the UK.

Andrew Jennings, European Investor Relations, Planet Ark Power


Firstly, thank you very much for a most interesting day – which included many fascinating presentations.  I also found the day most uplifting hearing about all the companies with plans to make the world a better place.

Paul Bainbridge, Director, Enfinergy Limited


Thank you for yesterdays event, really informative.

Matthew Gawn, Sales & Marketing Manager, ISB Global


Congratulations on hosting a fantastic event!

Madhushri Banerjee, Communications & Content Coordinator, Planet Ark Power


Thank you again for all the organisation and a very well run event.

Arnaud Henin, CEO, Gommyr Power Networks


I thought this year’s event, and the networking at the evening party, were absolutely excellent.

Professor Carolyn Roberts, water and environment consultant


It was very interesting to meet a great variety of entrepreneurs in the cleantech sector.  From my perception it was a very well run event in a nice location.

Oliver Houlden, Sustainable Energy Operations Manager, Amber Infrastructure Group


Thank you for setting up the event, it was interesting to see so many different cleantech companies!

Duygu Tavan, lead Generation, Propelair


Thank you for a great event. It was really interesting to meet such a range of companies. A most enjoyable and productive day.

Karen Boud, Senior Technical PR, Resonates


Thought this was one of the best yet, great engagement and an excellent venue!

Tom Kennard, Director, Granted Consultancy Ltd


Thanks for organising the day, I thought it went very well and I certainly learned a lot more about what the government programmes are currently supporting. I thought the structured tour round the tables was a helpful idea.

Pippa Gawley, Director, Zero Carbon Capital


It was a really good event. I think the concentration of themes around the Energy Catalyst and Faraday Challenge funds worked really well, as the event seemed fairly focused.

Vijay Bhopal, Managing Director, Connected Energy


I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The key thing was the high quality of speakers and other participants – I thought the resources sessions had excellent speakers.

Sandy Rodger, Director, Sandy Rodger (Consulting) Ltd


It was indeed another valuable and well organized Rushlight event.  Thank you for doing it to the benefit of the sustainable investment ecosystem.

Vitaly Lazorin, Founder & CEO, Future Matters Venture Capital


Thanks for organising a great event as usual!

Dr Alastair K Livesey, Managing Director, Africa Power Ltd


Congratulations on a fine, successful show

Crispin Reed, Director, Creative Devices Ltd


Many thanks for putting on a great event. The show it was really worthwhile, we met some great investors and enjoyed the other presentations on the day.

Jack Peck, Business Development Manager, Powervault