Rushlight Transport Briefing

Cleantech Conference 


The main element of this conference in 2020 is the Cleantech Innovation Showcase, involving presentations by some 40 companies with cutting edge clean technologies.  In order to have a focus for the presenters, there will be a panel of invited investors, financiers and corporate partners who will be able to connect with the presenters immediately after their presentation and in each of the breaks.  The fixed audience panel will be sitting at the front of the room and are available to connect with all delegates.

The programme will be set out here in due course.


The programme for the 2019 Show was as follows:

Chair: Beverley Gower-Jones, CEO, Carbon Limiting Technologies and Chair of BEIS Energy Entrepreneurs Fund Grants Commercial Panel

10.00  Damitha Adikaari, Deputy Director- Head of Engineering, BEIS (on behalf of Claire Perry, Minister of State for Energy & Clean Growth, BEIS) .  Presentation is HERE

10.15  Break as Minister leaves and UK Energy Seminar delegates move to the Exhibition

10.25  Mike Pitts, Head of Urban Systems, Innovate UK.  Presentation is HERE

  Cleantech Innovation Showcase – Presenting companies:

10.40-11.20 Panel 1 Chair: Beverley Gower-Jones, Carbon Limiting Technologies

Research/ early investment session

Carbon Cycle.  Presentation is HERE

Helios 7 Energy Systems.  Presentation is HERE

Newcastle Univ.  Presentation is HERE

Marine South East. Presentation is HERE

Vulcanaer.  Presentation is HERE

Moltex Energy.  Presentation is HERE

Ripple Energy.  Presentation is HERE

Lateral Logic Ltd.  Presentation is not available




11.30-13.00 Panel 2 Chair: Tom Kennard, Granted Consultancy Ltd.  Presentation is HERE

11.35 Frederik Loeckx, Managing Director of Flux50.  Presentation is HERE

Early/ later investment session

Simplifai Systems Limited.  Presentation is HERE

Scene Connect.  Presentation is HERE

Green Eco Technologies.  Presentation is HERE

Petit Pli.  Presentation is not available

Zeetta Networks.  Presentation is HERE

Aurelius Environmental.  Presentation is HERE

Lynkeos Technology.  Presentation is HERE

Wind Farm Analytics.  Presentation is HERE

OrxaGrid.  Presentation is HERE and HERE

Grid Smarter Cities.  Presentation is HERE

PMW Technology.  Presentation is HERE

12.50  Carine Van Hove, CEO, Industry-West-Europe.  Presentation is HERE




14.00-15.30 Panel 3 Chair: Peter Thorniley, Venner Shipley LLP.  Presentation is HERE

Later/ late investment Session

Fuel Cell Systems.  Presentation is HERE

PyroGreen Innovations.  Presentation is HERE

Trojan Energy.  Presentation is HERE

Yellow Bike.  Presentation is HERE.  Presentation with voiceover can be found at

Forev Ltd.  Presentation is HERE

Enertechnos.  Presentation is HERE

Entrust Microgrid.  Presentation is not available

Levstone Limited (UK).  Presentation is not available

Travel AI.  Presentation is HERE

bio-bean.  Presentation is HERE

Samad Power.  Presentation is HERE

Verv.  Presentation is HERE

Recycling Technologies.  Presentation is HERE

Anakata Wind Power Resources Ltd.  Presentation is HERE




15.45-17.00 Panel 4 Chair: Simon Bryars, Everoze. Presentation is HERE

Sustainable Solutions Market Panel:

Victoria Hughes, Head of Sustainability, Vinci Facilities

Andrew Griffiths, Head of Value Chain Sustainability, Nestle

Cian Hatton, Head of Energy & Environment, Whitbread

Henry Majed, Director Partnerships, Innovation Gateway

Presenting companies:

Harsonic.  Presentation is not available

Liquisol.  Presentation is HERE

Quensus.  Presentation is HERE

ITM Power Plc.  Presentation is HERE

Leanpath UK.  No slides were used

NVP Energy.  Presentation is HERE

Photonomi.  Presentation is not available

Rotaheat.  Presentation is HERE

Bri-Tek Technologies.  Presentation is HERE

iGeolise Ltd.  Presentation is HERE


Fixed Audience Panel participants:

Andrew Wordsworth, Sustainable Venture Development Partners

Emma Fadlon, KTN

Gavin Taylor, Mitsui

Lucy Rands, ETF Partners

Catherine Semens, Eon

Nick Goddard, Factor[e] Ventures

Henri Songeur, Puma Investments

Jim Totty, Earth Capital

Alex Gilbert, TfL and independent investor

Ali Naini, Turquoise International

Julian Renz, SYSTEMIQ

John Williams, Sinvestec

Vitaly Lazorin, Future Matters Venture Capital

Ian Cooke, EMV Capital

Tristan Lloyd-Baker, Seismic Ventures

Edo Salvesen, Finstock Capital

Liena Vilde, National Grid Ventures

Pete Radford, Amber Infrastructure Ltd

Matias Torrellas, InnoEnergy

Aruna Ramsamy, OGCI Climate Investments LLP

Andy Scullard, Johnson Matthey

Sandra Eager, BP TechnologyVentures

John Bromley, Legal & General Ventures