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Cleantech Conference 

The main element of this conference in 2018 is the Cleantech Innovation Showcase, involving presentations by some 40 companies with cutting edge clean technologies.  In order to have a focus for the presenters, there will be a panel of invited investors, financiers and corporate partners who will be able to connect with the presenters immediately after their presentation and in each of the breaks.  The fixed audience panel will be sitting at the front of the room and are available to connect with all delegates.

Chair: Beverley Gower-Jones, CEO, Carbon Limiting Technologies and Chair of BEIS Energy Entrepreneurs Fund Grants Commercial Panel

10.00am  Claire Perry, Minister of State for BEIS

10.15am  Break as Minister leaves and UK Energy Seminar delegates move to the Exhibition

10.25am  Rob Saunders (for Ruth McKernan, CEO), Head of Energy, Innovate UK.  Presentation is HERE

  Cleantech Innovation Showcase – Presenting companies:

10.40-11.15 Panel 1 Chair: Beverley Gower-Jones, Carbon Limiting Technologies

 Cleantech Innovation Showcase – Presenting companies:

10.40-11.15 Panel 1 Chair: Beverley Gower-Jones, Carbon Limiting Technologies

Beko, Antonio D’Ammaro and Enric Stern-Taulats, University of Cambridge.  Presentation is HERE

Africa Power, Alastair Livesey.  Presentation is HERE

DryGro, Sean Peters.  Presentation is not available

Larkfleet Solar Steam, Adil Kuzhi Kandathil and John Squire.  Presentation is HERE

Extreme Low Energy , Mark Buchanan.  Presentation is HERE


11.30-12.45 Panel 2 Chair: Tom Kennard, Granted Consultancy Ltd.  Presentation is HERE

11.30 – 11.40 Stef Denayer, General Director of I-cleantech Flanders.  Presentation is HERE

Bennamann, Emma Haskett.  Presentation is HERE

Big Solar, Phil Hinsley.  Presentation is HERE

Kubos Semiconductors Ltd, Jill Shaw.  Presentation is HERE

Frontier Technical, Trevor Hardcastle.  Presentation is not available

Inspection Technologies Ltd, Geoff Diamond.  Presentation is HERE

Fraunhofer UK Research, Henry Bookey.  Presentation is HERE

Wind Farm Analytics, Theodore Holtom.  Presentation is HERE

Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd, Michael Evans.  Presentation is HERE

Woodview Technology, Alex Hunt.  Presentation is HERE

Airponix, Michael Ruggier.  Presentation is HERE


14.15-15.30 Panel 3 Chair: Tom Leanse, Venner Shipley LLP.

Scene Connect, Vijay Bhopal.  Presentation is HERE

Free Running Buildings, Ben Hughes.  Presentation is HERE

Phycofeeds, Matt Pearce.  Presentation is HERE

Saroléa, Bjorn Robbens.  Presentation is HERE

Ecospeed Marine, Anne Duncan.  Presentation is HERE

Fiberight, Nick Thompson.  Presentation is HERE

MDF Recovery, Rob Elias.  Presentation is HERE

Solapak Systems Ltd, Mark Spratt.  Presentation is HERE

Solar Polar, Michael Reid.  Presentation is HERE

Samad Power, Ali Norouzi and Seyed Mohseni.  Presentation is HERE


15.45-17.30 Panel 4 Chair: Andrew Bond, Partner, Smith & Williamson.

Dearman, Evangelos Malliaras.  Presentation is HERE

EMEC, Neil Kermode.  Presentation is HERE

AmbiSense, Stephen McNulty. No presentation is available

ACT Blade Ltd, Sabrina Malpede.  Presentation is HERE

SteamaCo, Emily Moder.  Presentation is not available

Switchee, Ian Napier.  Presentation is HERE

Oceanflow Energy Ltd, Graeme Mackie.  Presentation is HERE

Oaktec, Paul Andrews.  Presentation is HERE

CREATIVenergie, Esther Chaney.  Presentation is HERE

Entrade, James Peacock.  Presentation is HERE

Rype Office, Greg Lavery.  Presentation is HERE

Gamos, Simon Batchelor.  No Presentation slides were used

Greater Than, Liselott Johansson.  Presentation is HERE

Fixed Audience Panel participants:

Andrew Wordsworth, Managing Director, Sustainable Venture Development Partners
Emma Fadlon, Early Stage Investment Archangel, KTN
Gavin Taylor, Assistant General Manager, Energy Dept, Mitsui Europe PLC
Vitaly Lazorin, CEO, Future Matters Venture Capital
John Williams, Chief Technical Officer, Sinvestec
Samuel Taylor, Manager Innovation Link, Ofgem
John Bromley, Head of Clean Energy, Legal & General Capital
Mark Bennett, Commercial Manager, Energy Technologies Institute
Victoria Navazo, CFO & Portfolio Manager, O2
Jim Totty, Managing Partner, Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd
Kate Jack, Head of UK Innovation Hub, Innogy
Alex Gilbert, Investment Manager, Amber Infrastructure
Ali Naini, Fund Manager, Low Carbon Innovation Fund
Bruce Colley, Access to Finance Manager, Innovate UK
Bala Nagarajan, Investment Director, Statoil Energy Ventures
Robert Jelski, Venture Partner, Electranova Capital
Matias Torrellas, Portfolio Manager, InnoEnergy
Tim Bradley, Technology Manager, National Grid
James Griffiths, Chief Investment Officer, Adapt Cocoon Equity LLP
Tristan Lloyd-Baker, Co-Founder, Seismic Ventures
Catherine Semmens, Senior Origination Manager, E.ON UK
Katya Akulinicheva, Chief Investment Officer, Systemiq
Harry Miller, Investment Analyst, EcoMachines Ventures