Rushlight Transport Briefing

Exhibition Terms and Booking


The Rushlight Show is the only event of its kind that showcases the leading clean technologies developed to address a low resource future. The venue has been chosen so that the event is as easy as possible to attend for both London-based and travelling attendees.

A format has been chosen to optimise the space that is available and to give attendees the best opportunity to appreciate the technologies that are on display.  The venue is newly refurbished and displays extremely valuable artwork. All participants are required to take great care to preserve the venue’s decor and assets.

Exhibition stands and spaces have a limited format due to the space available. Bespoke arrangements can be considered and will be priced individually. The standard size is a 2ft diameter poseur or cocktail high table with room behind for 1 pop-up banner.  There is also a poster display option at a much reduced price.

The rate card for exhibition space is as follows:

Standard – 2ft diameter poseur table  £500 plus VAT
Poster  £200 plus VAT

Stands can be booked by contacting with a completed RUSHLIGHT SHOW EXHIBITION STAND BOOKING FORM.

Wifi is available throughout the venue.  The instructions for using the wifi at the venue and the log on details will be provided to standholders before the event and will be available, along with assistance at the venue, on the day.  Power is available on some stand locations and this will need to be identified and booked in advance.


1. Once a stand is booked, the full charge is due and payable, whether or not the booking is subsequently cancelled.

2. A standard size stand space includes a 2ft diameter high table, with a 1ft gap to the next table top stand. There is room for a pop-up banner stand behind. Standholders can choose to dispense with the table if you wish to create your stand area using a pop-up banner stand and other collateral.  The pop-up stand must be placed no closer than 50cm from the wall.

3. A standard-sized exhibition space does not have room for a 2m or 3m wide banner stand and so standholders requesting space for these will need to book this in advance and pay the relevant rate. If this is not booked in advance, the standholder will not be allowed to use their banner stand due to lack of space.

4. The nature of this show is to encourage an easy environment for discussion. The venue has been chosen for its central location. It is not a suitable location for very large structures.

5. The size limits for accessing the exhibition area are limited by the size of the access doors from the pavement and the stairs that need to be traversed (one short flight).  Most standholders are therefore restricted to entering by a doorway which is 1.25m wide and 2.1m high.

6. Deliveries for the show can be made to the venue from 7am on the day of the show.

7. Access to the venue on the day of the Show commences at 7am.

8.It is the responsibility of standholders to ensure that there is no damage caused by the delivery, setting up, running during the event, dismantling or removal of their stand at the venue. Any damage will be the sole responsibility of the standholder and may result in a subsequent and potentially substantial repair charge.  In particular, the walls of the venue cannot be used for display or other purposes in any way.  The Exhibitor indemnifies Rushlight Events and Eventure Media Ltd for any damage to the assets and decor of the venue caused by their actions, whether through accidental, negligent or deliberate means.

9. All standholders must have their stands dismantled and cleared away by 5.00pm on the day of the show.

10. There is very limited storage space for stand banners and collateral overnight and so storage for deliveries the night before or the following morning after the show cannot be assured.

11. All stands and other material brought to the show must be removed from the venue. Unused brochures and other collateral cannot be left at the venue for disposal. Any such surplus resource left at the venue may attract a disposal charge of up to £150 plus VAT.

12. Standholders are responsible for any materials delivered to or picked up from the venue and for their materials and possessions during the show. The venue and Eventure Media Ltd accept no responsibility or liability in that regard.

13. Not all stands have access to a 13 Amp electricity socket, so if you require power please notify us in advance. Any special power needs must be raised with the organisers well before the event to enable your needs to be met.

14. WIFI is available throughout the exhibition area.