Rushlight Transport Briefing



The Rushlight Show is the only event of its kind that showcases the leading clean technologies and innovations developed to address a low carbon and low resource future. The venue has been chosen so that the event is as easy as possible to attend for both London-based and travelling attendees. 

The format has been designed to optimise the space that is available and to give attendees the best opportunity to appreciate the technologies that are on display. 

The terms and conditions and booking arrangements for the table-top stands, poster exhibition and other formats are set out under “Exhibition Terms and Booking”. 

The 2020 Show will include a Showcase of the Innovate UK Energy Systems Catalyst Round 6 projects, a poster exhibition of a number of entrants to the Rushlight Awards and several other exhibitors showing their cutting edge new clean technologies.  All the exhibitors are cleantech companies or sponsors.  

The 2020 participants will be set out here in due course.


The 2019 participants were:    

1                   Innovate UK

2                   Venner Shipley

3                   Everoze

4                   Flanders Investment & Trade

5                   Granted Consultancy

6                   Prova PR

7                   Carbon Limiting Technologies

8                   Farm-Hand

9                   SPECIFIC

10                 First Light Fusion

11                 Cryofuel Energy Systems

12                 PassivSystems

13                 CoControl

14                 OrxaGrid

15                 Newcastle Univ

16                 Vulcanaer

17                 Forev

18                 Bri-Tek Technologies

19                 Green Eco Technologies

20                 Free Running Buildings

21                 Wind Farm Analytics

22                 PyroGreen Innovations

23                 London Cleantech Cluster

24                 Sussex Univ

25                 Photonomi

26                 Entrust Microgrid

27                 Trojan Energy

28                 P.A.K Engineering Ltd

29                 Lightfoot

30                RheEnergise

31                 Levstone Limited (UK)

32                 Samad Power

33                 Swanbarton Limited

34                 Fuel Cell Systems

35                 Verv

36                 bio-bean

37                 Grid Smarter Cities

38                 Highview Power

39                 iGeolise Ltd

40                 Intrepid Minds

41                 ITM Power Plc

42                 Simplifai Systems Limited

43                 SenseCrete

44                 Viridian Consultants

45                 Yellow Bike

46                 Zeetta Networks

47                 Petit Pli

48                 Scene Connect

49                 Enertechnos

50                 Travel AI

51                 Lynkeos Technology

52                 NVP Energy


 Poster Exhibition:

Aurelius Environmental

Avalon Airships


Bowman Power

Brunel Univ

Carbon Cycle

CCm Technologies



EdF Energy

Energy SRS


Entrust MicroGrid


Free Running Buildings

Fuel Cell Systems

Green Eco Technologies

Green Motion

Green Sea Guard

Grid Smarter Cities


Hassle Free Boilers

Helios 7 Energy Systems

Heriot-Watt Univ

Iggesund Paperboard

Innolith AG

ITM Power


Lambda Stretch

Leanpath UK




Lynkeos Technology

Marine South East

Marsh Industries

National Trust

Newcastle Univ

Nortech Management Ltd

Northern Gas Networks

Nottingham Univ

NVP Energy


Petit Pli


PMW Technology


PyroGreen Innovations

Quantum Technology Supersensors


Revis bioenergy GmbH


Solar Polar


Sussex Univ


Tri Center

Trojan Energy

Ulster Univ

Univ of Hull

Univ of Lancaster

Viridian Consultants

VPZ Verpackungszentrum GmbH


Wind Farm Analytics