Rushlight Transport Briefing

Who Will Be Attending


The profiles of the delegates for the Rushlight Show 2021 are as follows:

3H Technologies Managing Director
A Sustainable Future Consultant
Aceleron Energy CCO
Aceleron Energy Head of Grants and Research
Addagrip Technical area sales Manager
Addagrip Eco Heat Surfaces Director
Addagrip Eco Heat Surfaces Product Development manager
Advanced Infrastructure CEO
Advanced Infrastructure CCO
Alchemie Technology Managing Director
Alchemie Technology Marketing Executive
Amber Infrastructure Ltd Investment Manager
Ananas Anam UK Ltd CFO
Ananas Anam UK Ltd Sustainability and Research Manager
Angara Industries Chairman
Aquality Trading & Consulting Ltd Managing Director
AquamatiX Managing Director
Aquapak Polymers Marketing & Events Administrator
Aquapak Polymers Marketing Consultant
AquaSpira Managing Director
ARC Marine Ltd CEO
ARC Marine Ltd CCO
Arcs Energy Ltd Director
Aston Martin Lagonda Vehicle Engineering manager
Bagboard Ltd CEO
Bagboard Ltd Head of Partnerships
Bagboard Ltd Non-Exec Director
Bagboard Ltd Chief Commercial Officer
Baldock Energy Director
Bank Energi CEO
Barker Brettell Partner
Barker Brettell Patent Attorney
Beasley Associates Director
Beattie Passive Managing Director
Beattie Passive National Sales Manager
BEIS Director of Science and Innovation for Climate and Energy
BEIS Head of Strategic Engagement
BEIS Senior Energy Engineer & Programme Lead for the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund
BEIS Communications and Briefing Hub Manager
BEIS Energy Innovation Project Manager
BEIS Energy Innovation Programme Manager
BEIS Energy Innovation Adviser
BEIS Energy Innovation Programme Manager
BEIS Lead Energy Research Advisor
BEIS Energy Innovation Evaluation Adviser
BEIS Nuclear and Renewable Delivery Manager
BEIS Energy Innovation Project Manager
Bevan Davidson Advisor
Bevan Davidson International Ltd Managing Director
BiologIC Technologies Chief Executive Officer
BiologIC Technologies Chief Scientific Officer
Biophilica CEO
Biophilica Strategy
Biophilica Project Management
Blackrock Director, Renewable Power
Bow Tie Construction Innovation Director
Bow Tie Construction Finance Director
Brand Conscience Ltd CEO & Founder
Brand Conscience Ltd Chief Product Officer
Brill Power Business Development Manager
Brill Power CEO
British Hydropower Association CEO
British Lithium Ltd Head of Innovation
British Lithium Resources CEO
Brits Energy CEO
Brits Energy Solution Architect
Building Design Partnership Ltd Senior Chartered Architectural Technologist
Bundlee Founder
BURN Manufacturing CEO
Cadpeople Business Manager
Cadpeople Managing Director
Caldera CEO
Caldera COO
Cambond Ltd Managing Director
Cambridge Cleantech Chief Executive
Cambridge GaN
Canon Europe EMEA Sustainability Engagement Manager
Capitals Coalition Director
Carbogenics Business Development Director
Carbogenics Research & Innovation Manager
Carbon Limiting Technologies CEO
Carbon Limiting Technologies Associate
Carbon Limiting Technologies Principal Consultant, Business Development
Carbon Limiting Technologies Associate
Carbon Limiting Technologies Associate
Carbon Limiting Technologies Analyst
Carbon Limiting Technologies Analyst
Carbon Trust Associate Director
Carbon Trust Associate Director of Programmes & Innovations
carbonTRACK Head of UK/European Expansion
Carpmaels & Ransford Senior Associate
Carpmaels & Ransford Senior Associate
Carpmaels & Ransford Senior Associate
CauliBox Founder
CauliBox Project Assistant
CCSA Policy Manager
Centrica Lead E-Mobility Technologist and Global Partnership Strategy Manager
Charmstar Cambridge Limited t/a CEAD Director
Charmstar Cambridge Limited t/a CEAD Senior Research Engineer
Circular Economy Club External Affairs Representative Europe
Circulariti Ltd CEO
Circulariti Ltd CTO
Clairvaux Ltd Director
Clean Growth Fund Investment Director
Clean Growth Fund Venture Analyst
Climate Change Committee Head of Carbon Budgets
Considerate Group COO
Considerate Group Managing Director
Consortiaco Founder
CorkSol UK Ltd  Managing Director
CorkSol UK Ltd  Chairman
CorkSol UK Ltd
Cornish Lithium CEO
Cornish Lithium Senior Geologist
Cranfield University Professor of Energy Technology
CRB Environmental Ltd Managing Director
Creative EC Head of Sales
Creative EC Business development
Creative EC Sales specialist
Creative EC Head of business
Crop Health and Protection Ltd Innovation Hub Lead
Cummins Corporate Indirect Purchasing Sourcing Specialist – EME Facilities
Cummins Indirect Purchasing Sourcing Manager
Decentralised Energy Solutions (DES) Ltd Director
Delta Electronics Europe Ltd Sales Director
Department for International Trade Dealmaker, Global Entrepreneur Programme
Des19ncor Ltd MD
Des19ncor Ltd Commercial Director
DG Cities Head of Delivery
Ding Tai Co., Ltd. President
Ding Tai Co., Ltd. Project Coordinator
Ding Tai Co., Ltd.
dpSun Project Manager
Dtime Analytics Ltd Co-founder
Dukosi Ltd CTO
Duodrive Limited Director
E3G Policy Advisor
E4tech Director
Earth Capital Investment Director
Ecodisco Founder
Ecology By Design Director
Econaut Developments Ltd Managing Director
EDF Energy R&D UK Centre Research Engineer
EDF R&D UK Digital Innovation Manager (Customers)
EDF R&D UK Digital Innovation Manager (Customers)
EGG Lighting Managing Director
EGG Lighting Circular Economy Programme Manager
Elvis & Kresse Co-Founder
EMV Capital Venture Partner
Energy Impact Partners Managing Partner
Energy UK Deputy Director, Director of Policy
EnergyNest Director Project Development
EnergyNest VP Business Implementation
EnergyNest Project Development Trainee
EnergyNest VP Project Development
Enertechnos CEO
Enertechnos COO
Enertechnos Junior Marketing Executive
Enfinergy Director
Engie New Ventures Investment Director
Engro Fertilisers Limited Head of Hybrid Seeds business
Engro Foundation – PAVE Project M&E Officer
Enruption Energy Solutions Consultant
Enruption Energy Solutions CEO
Enspan Innovations Founder & CEO
Enspan Innovations Head of Operations
Envirup Founder
Envorem Ltd Managing Director
EV Energy Head of Commercial
EV Energy CEO
Evolve Packaging
Exactmer Director of Business Development and Operations
Exactmer Chemical Engineer
Factor[e] Ventures UK Venture Partner
Factor[e] Ventures Associate
Fieldfisher Senior Associate
First Graphene (UK) Ltd Non-executive Director
First Graphene (UK) Ltd Materials Research Scientist
First Imagine Capital Ltd Managing Partner
Flanders Investment & Trade
Flanders Investment & Trade Head of Invest
Focalsun CEO
Focalsun Advisor
Fonte Capital Ltd Director
Fre-energy Managing Director
Fre-energy Technical Director
Front Technologies Ltd Director
Future Biogas Ltd Policy Advisor
Future Economy Network Director
Future Matters Venture Capital CEO
Future Motors Ltd Sales Director
Future Motors Ltd Managing Director
Future We Want Director
FutureSight Technologies Limited Director
G20 Water Technologies COO
GlasPort Bio Ltd Project Manager
GlasPort Bio Ltd Director Business Development
Go Green Sustainability Founder
Granted Consultancy Director
Granted Consultancy Marketing Manager
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust Head of Sustainability and Environmental Management
Green Angel Syndicate Director
Greenhouse, Grantham Institute Head
Greentech South Business Innovation Advisor
Greentech South Business Development Manager
Gresham College
GunnerCooke LLP, Assessment Technologies Water (UK) Ltd and others Corporate Barrister Partner and Company Director
Gusto Group Ltd CEO
H2GO Power Senior Machine Learning Scientist
H2GO Power CEO
Hangar 51 Ventures Investment Principal
Happy Community Organization Director of Development & Partnerships
Happy Community Organization Founder & Executive Director
Harvey & Co Director
HGF Ltd Senior Patent Attorney
HGF Ltd Patent Director
HSSMI Innovation Manager
HSSMI Circular Economy Manager
Hubl Logistics Ltd MD
Hubl Logistics Ltd Commercial Director
Hubl Logistics Ltd Marketing Exec
Hubl Logistics Ltd Projects Director
Huli CEO and Co-founder
Huli CTO and Co-founder
HV Systems Senior Account Manager
HV Systems Environmental Consultant
Hypervolt CCO
Hypervolt Head of Sales
Ibstock Brick Group Sustainability Manager
Icaruus Ltd Director
iCOMAT Senior Applications Development Engineer
Impact Recycling CEO
Impact Recycling CTO
Impact Recycling Engineer
Imperial College Director of the Centre for Process Systems Engineering
Imperial College Senior Research Fellow
Independent Consultant
InferSens CEO
InferSens COO
InfraCity Fund Partner
Ingenza Ltd Head of Chemistry
Ingenza Ltd Head of Chemical Biology
Innovate UK Programme Manager (Batteries)
Innovate UK Head of Battery Technology
Innovate UK Innovation Lead- Batteries
Innovate UK Challenge Director – Smart Sustainable Plastics Packaging
Innovate UK Innovation Lead, Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging (SSPP) Challenge
Innovate UK Deputy Challenge Director, Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging
Innovate UK Impact and Performance Manager – SBRI
Innovate UK Project Coordinator – Continuity Grants
Innovate UK Programme Manager – Continuity Grants
Innovate UK Impact and Performance Manager – Manufacturing, Materials and Mobility
Innovate UK Impact and Performance Manager – Health and Life Sciences
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – Circular Economy
Innovate UK Head of Manufacturing and Materials
Innovate UK Manufacturing Innovation Lead
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – Industrial Biotechnology
Innovate UK Global Innovation Lead – Advanced Manufacturing & Materials
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – Manufacturing
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – Advanced Materials at Innovate UK
Innovate UK Impact and Performance Manager
Innovate UK Challenge Director
Innovate UK Deputy Challenge Director
Innovate UK Project Manager ISCF
Innovate UK Project Support ISCF
Innovate UK Innovation Lead
Innovate UK EDGE Eco System Relationship & Gateway Lead
Innovate UK EDGE Innovation Growth Adviser
Innovate UK Interim Head of Urban Systems
Innovate UK Head of The Sustainable Innovation Fund
Innovate UK Impact and Performance Manager – Manufacturing & Materials
Innovate UK Impact and Performance Manager – Sustainable Innovation Fund
Innovator Capital Associate
Innserpec Technologies Ltd Project Manager
Inspiring Sustainability Strategic Storyteller
Integrals Power Ltd CEO
Integrals Power Ltd Electrochemist
Integrity Energy Ltd Director
Interface Polymers Chair
Interface Polymers Business Development Director
IPFT Fuels Limited Director
IPFT Fuels Limited Finance Director
Ixion Head of Partnerships
Janus RVS Ltd Managing Director
Kero Group Director
Kero Group Technical Consultant
KTN Event Manager
KTN Knowledge Transfer Manager – More Sustainable Energy
KTN Early Stage Investment Archangel
KTN Head of Infrastructure
KTN Smart Energy Systems
KTN Infrastructure Systems
KTN KTM Manager
Lambda Energy CEO
Lambda Energy Chairman
Lancea LLP Partner
Legal & General Capital Head of Clean Energy
Libertine CEO
Libertine CTO
Lightricity Ltd Managing Director
Lightricity Ltd Technical Director
Limosaero Ltd Project Lead
Limosaero Ltd Design Engineer
LiNa Energy Company Secretary
LiNa Energy Commercial Director
London & Partners Business Manager Urban & Innovation
London South Bank University Senior Project Manager – Sustainable Innovation
London South Bank University Project Co-ordinator – Sustainable Innovation
London South Bank University
London South Bank University Research Associate
London South Bank University Research Associate
London South Bank University Research Associate
London South Bank University Associate Professor
London South Bank University Head of Chemical and Energy Engineering
London South Bank University Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering
London South Bank University Associate Professor of Construction Economics and Management
London South Bank University Director of Research and Enterprise – Engineering
London South Bank University Director of Research and Enterprise – Built Environment
Loughborough University Head of Intellectual Property Exploitation
Loughborough University Research Associate
Lux Nova Partners Partner
Macquarie Group Associate Director Technology & Innovation
Manchester BIOGEL CEO
Manchester BIOGEL Business Development Executive
Mastiha World Ltd  Programme Manager
Mastiha World Ltd  Director
MEP Technologies Managing Director
MEP Technologies Systems Engineer
Metis Seagrass Founder
Metis Seagrass Business Developer
Metis Seagrass
Midlands High Growth Operations Director
Midlands High Growth Director Innovation & Consulting
Miller-Klein Associates Ltd Founder
Mind Foundry Senior Scientist
Mind Foundry CFO
Mitsui Europe plc Assistant General Manager, Energy Dept
MIVOLT Business Development Manager
MIVOLT Product Engineer
Mixergy Chief Commercial Officer
Mixergy Business Development Director
MMC Ventures Analyst
Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme Lead on Modelling
More Human Co-Founder at More Human
More Human Co-Founder at More Human
More Human Co-Founder at More Human
Mott MacDonald Director of Energy Transformation
Mud Jeans CEO
Multus Media CEO
Multus Media COO
Nesta Investment Director
Neutral Home Managing Director
Neutral Home Director of EDI
Nextek Ltd Managing Director
Nextek Ltd Projects Manager
Nova Pangaea Technologies Communications & Marketing
NovAzure Senior Consultant
NovAzure Managing Partner
OakTec CEO
Oaktec Power Ltd Commercial Director
OCO Technology Technical Director
OFGEM Chief Engineer
OGCI Climate Investments LLP Venture Analyst
OLIO Head of Partnerships
Ontario Trade & Investment Office Senior Commercial Officer
Oxford Nanosystems CEO
Oxford Nanosystems CTO
Passiv Systems Professional Services Manager
Passiv Systems Project Manager
Pelation Co-Founder
Pelation Co-Founder
Petit Pli CEO
Petit Pli COO
Phase Biolabs Founder
Pilio CEO
Pilio Chief Science Officer
Planet Mark Head of Business Development
Planet Mark Head of Marketing
Planet Mark Marketing Manager
Planet Mark Business Development Manager
Planet Mark Business Development Manager
Planet Mark Business Development Manager
Planet Mark Business Development Manager
Planet Mark Business Development Manager
Port of London Authority Head of Environment
Potential Climate Ventures Founding Partner
Premier Tech Water and Environment National Sales Director
Progress2Impact Co-Founder
Progress2Impact Co-Founder
Progress2Impact Partnership Development Manager
Puma Investments Investment Executive
Q Energy Co-founder & COO
Q Energy Marketing Executive
QM Recycled Energy Managing Director
QM Recycled Energy Marketing Communications
Rapid Innovation Group Engagement Manager
Reath Managing Director and Co-Founder
Reath Director of Operations and Co-Founder
Recycleye Head of Communications
Recycleye Chief Executive Officer
Reddie & Grose LLP Patent Attorney
Revolution-ZERO Managing and Clinical Director
Revolution-ZERO Clinical Engagement and Assurance Lead
RheEnergise CEO
RheEnergise CTO
RL Capital CEO
Robotiz3d Ltd CEO
Robotiz3d Ltd CTO
Rype Office CEO
Science Technology Facilities Council Harwell EnergyTec Cluster Lead
Seawater Solutions CEO
Seawater Solutions Project Coordinator
Seismic Ventures Principal
SET Venture Partners Principal
Shenzhen Valley Ventures Senior Associate
Sherwood Ltd CEO
Shoosmiths Partner
Sigma Lithium Ltd CEO
Sinvestec Chief Technical Officer
Smart Power Networks CTO
Smart Power Networks (SMPnet) Ltd. CEO & Co-founder Founder
Smith & Williamson Partner
Solar for Schools CEO
Solar for Schools Head of Education Development
Solar Polar CEO
Solar Polar Technical Director
Space Intelligence CEO
Space Intelligence Project Manager
Spark Assessment Services ltd Director
Spherics CEO
Spherics Research Lead
Starbons Ltd CEO
Steamology CEO
Sustainable Venture Development Partners Managing Director
Sustineri Fuels CFO
Sustineri Fuels CEO
Talga Technologies Ltd Head of Advanced Materials and Technologies
Talga Technologies Ltd Senior scientist
TCT-Europe Ltd Managing Director
TCT-Europe Ltd Chairman
TfL Director of Transport Innovation
TfL and independent investor
The Smart Container Company Chief Operating Officer
The Smart Container Company Chief Product Officer
The Smart Container Company Chief Executive Officer
thelittleloop Founder
Tiko Energy Chief Business Officer
TISICS Ltd Managing Director
TISICS Ltd Business Strategy Director
Toshin Energy Investor
Treeconomy CEO & Co-Founder
Treeconomy Co-Founder
Turquoise International Managing Director
Turquoise International Associate
TWI Ltd Business Development Manager
TWI Ltd Automotive Membership Manager CEO
U-Earth Biotech CEO & Founder
U-Earth Biotech Business Development Manager
U-Earth Biotech Business Development Manager
U-Earth Biotech Content Specialist
U-Earth Biotech PR
U-Earth Biotech Strategy & Growth
U-Earth Biotech Head of Sales
Ultra Light Rail Partners Ltd Chairman
Ultra Light Rail Partners Ltd Company Secretary
UnifAI Technology Chief Commercial Officer
Unit9 Technical Lead
Unitedkonsultants Director
University of Edinburgh Senior Lecturer
University of Edinburgh Research Assistant
University of Edinburgh PhD Student
University of Oxford Senior Venture Manager
University of Portsmouth Innovation and Impact Development Manager
UrbanChain Ltd CEO
UrbanChain Ltd non-Executive Director
Venner Shipley Business Development & Marketing Manager
Venner Shipley Partner
Venner Shipley Business Development & Marketing Director
Venner Shipley Business Development & Marketing Co-ordinator
Venner Shipley Senior Associate
Venner Shipley Senior Associate
Ventairge Exec Director
Ventairge Business Development
Ventairge Head of Projects
Vert Rotors Finance Director
Vert Rotors CEO
Vert Rotors COO
Vinci Head of Sustainability
Viridis Capital Director
Viridis Capital Managing Partner
Whitecroft Lighting Design Director
Whitefox Chief Business Development Officer
Whitefox CEO
Williams Advanced Engineering Head of Electrical
Williams Advanced Engineering Principal Engineer – Advanced Battery Concepts
WRAP Chair
Zaz Ventures Partner
Zero Carbon Capital Managing Director
Zero Carbon Capital Director