Who Will Be Attending


We will publish the profiles of the delegates in due course.  In the meantime, the following delegates registered to attend in 2018:

Access CFP Vice President
Adapt Cocoon Equity LLP Co-Chair
Adelan Director
Albatern Limited Commercial Director
Altenergis Chairman
Amber Infrastructure Investment Manager
Archangel Group System Engineer
Archangel Group Integration Engineer
Archangel Group CEO
Argo Engineering Ltd Managing Director
Asset International Ltd Technical Director
Asset International Ltd Research Engineer
AssetCool Director
AssetCool Director
BEIS Director of Science & Innovation
BEIS Cross-cutting Innovation Lead
BEIS Head of Communications and Strategy, Science, Innovation for Climate & Energy (SICE)
BEIS Communications & Briefing Hub Manager
BEIS Research and Policy Officer
BEIS Head of greenhouse gas inventory and statistics
BEIS Innovation Manager, Smart Energy
BEIS Innovation Programme Manager
BEIS Head of Industry & CCS
BEIS Head of Strategy – Energy Innovation
BEIS Deputy Director, Head of Programme Delivery
BEIS Head of Engagement for Science & Innovation
BEIS Head of Engineering
Beko Senior Specialist – Mechanical Engineering
Bladon Jets Manufacturing Director
Bladon Jets Combustion Engineer
Boxergy COO
Boxergy Founder
BP Technology Manager
BP Ventures Investment Analyst
British Geological Survey UK Geoenergy Observatories Communications Manager
British Geological Survey Hydrogeologist
Brunel University London Director of Extrusion Technology at the Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing
Brunel University London Reader in Structural Integrity – NSIRC
Brunel University London Research Fellow & Quality Manager – ETC
Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd CEO
Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd Chief Scientist
Carbon Limiting Technologies Associate
Carbon Limiting Technologies Associate
Carbon Limiting Technologies Ltd Associate
Carbon Limiting Technologies Ltd Associate
Carbon Trust Head of Incubation
Carbon Trust Manager
C-Capture Chairman
CCm Technologies Ltd CEO
CCm Technologies Ltd CTO
CCm Technologies Ltd Operations Manager
Cellmas Ltd Managing Director
Cellmas Ltd Technical Director
Centrica Innovations Investment Manager
Centrica Innovations Startup Labs Associate
Challenging Ideas Founder
Chatham House Associate Fellow
Cleantech Flanders Managing Director
ClearlySo Investment Manager
Climate-KIC Director
Connected Energy CEO
Connected Energy Operations Director
Cranfield University Professor of Carbon Systems Engineering
Cranfield University Science and Technology Impact Officer
Cranfield University Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environmental Chemistry
CRB Environmental Ltd Monitoring Officer
CzechInvest Director of UK & Ireland Operations
Department for Transport Deputy Director, Head of Environment Strategy
Designcraft Ltd Managing Director
DFID Climate Change & Environment Adviser
Doug Marriott Associates Monitoring Officer
dpSun Business Manager
EcoMachines Ventures Venture Partner
Ecospeed Marine CEO
Ecospeed Marine CTO
EDES Ltd Commercial Manager
EDF Energy Open Innovation Analyst
Eleutheria Capital Founder
Emblem Ventures CEO
Empowered Pty Director
Empowered Pty Technical Advisor
Enertechnos Operations Director
Engas UK Ltd CEO
Enterprise Ireland Cleantech Market Adviser
Entropea Labs Ltd. CEO
Entrust Microgrid LLP Business Director
Entrust Microgrid LLP Managing Director
Environmental Protection UK Vice President
Environmental Technologies Fund Managing Partner
Eon Head of Origination
Everoze Partners Partner
Everoze Partners Partner
Everoze Partners Partner
Everoze Partners Partner
Everoze Partners Partner
Factor[e] Ventures Principal
FaultCurrent Ltd Chairman & CEO
Fieldfisher Partner
Fieldfisher Senior Associate
Flanders Investment & Trade Invest Assistant
Flanders Investment & Trade Trade Assistant
Fleet Renewables CEO
Flint Engineering Director
Forbury Investment Network Manager
France Cleantech President
FResC Director
Fresco Advisory Ltd Managing Director
Future Matters Venture Capital CEO
Future Matters Venture Capital Associate
Future Water Association CEO
Gasconsult Limited Chief Executive Officer
Gasconsult Limited Technical Director
Gillamor Stephens Partner
Green Angel Syndicate Director
Green Fuels Research Ltd CTO
Green Fuels Research Ltd Research Scientist
Greenbackers Investment Capital Associate Partner
Greenhouse PR Account Manager
Greenhouse PR Account Executive
GridDuck CEO
GridDuck CTO
GridDuck CPO
gridIMP Commercial Director
gridIMP Technical Director
Heriot Watt University Business Development Executive
Highview Power Communications Manager
Highview Power Business Development Director
Ingenious Clean Energy Senior Investment Associate
InnoEnergy Portfolio Manager
Innovate UK Access to Finance Manager
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – ULEV
Innovate UK Senior Innovation Lead, Clean Growth & Infrastructure
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – Energy Catalyst
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – Driving Impact
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – SBRI & Lead Customer
Innovate UK Newton Programme Manager
Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Finance Business Partner
Innovate UK Energy Catalyst Finance Business Partner
Innovate UK Innovation Lead – Energy Systems
Innovate UK Challenge Director – Prospering from the Energy Revolution
Innovate UK Campaign Manager
Innovate UK Media & Stakeholder Communications
Innovate UK Innovation Technologist – Urban Living
Innovate UK Innovation Technologist – Energy Catalyst
Innovate UK Head of Marketing & Network Communications
Innovate UK Monitoring Officer
Innovate UK Monitoring Officer
Innovate UK Monitoring Officer
Innovate UK Senior Innovation Lead – Family Connections
Inspiring Sustainability Editor
Integrity Energy Ltd Director
Inventa Partners Director
Isle Utilities Technology Consultant
ITM Power Business Development Manager
Johnson Matthey Business Development Manager
KTN Early Stage Investment Archangel
Legal & General Capital Head of Clean Energy
Levelise Co-Founder
Libertine FPE Ltd. CEO
Libertine FPE Ltd. Lead Project Engineer
Life Size Media Executive & Outreach Assistant
Life Size Media PR Assistant
Long Run Works CEO
Long Run Works Creative Director
Loughborough University Research Associate
Low Carbon Electric CEO
Low Carbon Innovation Fund Innovation Funding Team Manager
Low Carbon South West Chair
Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd COO
LWARB – Advance London Senior Business Advisor
Marine South East CEO
Marine South East Operations Director
Miller-Klein Associates Founder
Mitsui Assistant General Manager, Energy
M-KOPA Solar Business Development Manager
M-KOPA Solar Project Manager
M-KOPA Solar Battery Research Lead
Naked Energy CEO
Naked Energy CFO
National Grid Technology Manager
NEA Technical Development Manager
Open Univ Co-Director of the Energy & Environment Research Unit
Origen Power CTO and Founder
Origen Power CFO
Origen Power CEO
OrxaGrid CEO
OrxaGrid CMO
Oxford nanoSystems CEO
Oxford nanoSystems RoyalCom1851 Industrial Research Fellow
OXTO Energy Operations Manager
OXTO Energy Executive Assistant
Penningtons Manches Partner
Penningtons Manches Senior Associate
Penningtons Manches Senior Associate
Penningtons Manches Marketing Administrator
Penningtons Manches Marketing Apprentice
PhotonStar LED Group plc CEO
PhotonStar LED Group plc Group Marketing & Business Development Director
PMW Technology Limited Director
PMW Technology Limited Research Associate
Polysolar CEO
Polysolar COO
Pommes D’Or Family Office Director
Pommes D’Or Family Office Head of Corporate FInance
Power Roll Operations & Programme Manager
Productiv Ltd Head of Sales
Prova Public Relations Founder
Prova Public Relations CEO
Prova Public Relations Director – envirotech
Puma Investments Investment Executive
Pumped Heat CEO
Pumped Heat COO
Qube Renewables Director
QUBE Renewables Ltd Director
QUBE Renewables Ltd Director
QUBE Renewables Ltd Project Manager
Rapid Innovation Group Managing Director
Rapid Innovation Group Project Director
Rapid Innovation Group Engagement Manager
Recycling Technologies Ltd Finance Director
Recycling Technologies Ltd Sales & Marketing Director
Reddie & Grose LLP Patent Attorney
Renewable Energy Association Consultant
Ricardo Energy Catalyst, Senior Monitoring Liaison Officer
RICS Director of External Affairs
Rotaheat CEO
Rotaheat Founder
Royal HaskoningDHV Technical Director
Samad Power Ltd Finance Director
Samad Power Ltd Engineering Manager
Scene Connect Ltd Co-Director
Scene Connect Ltd Technical Designer
Scene Connect Ltd Co-Director
SCOPE Senior Manager
Sea Energies Offshore Marine Limited Founder & Owner
SENSE Wind Ltd Chair
SETsquared Partnership Sector Manager
SG BioDrying Ltd. Director
Sinvestec Chief Technical Officer
Smart Energy Networks CEO
SolaForm Director
SolaForm Director
Solapak Systems Ltd Head of Projects
Solapak Systems Ltd Director
Solar Solent CIC Director
Solar Trade Association Public Affairs and Communications Executive
Solaris Photonics COO
Solarjuice Power Ltd Chairman
Solarjuice Power Ltd Accountant
Spark Assessment Services Ltd Director
SPECIFIC Commercial Engagement Director
Staffordshire University Associate Professor of Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Systems
Statoil Energy Ventures Investment Director
Statoil Technology Invest Investment Manager
Straw Innovations Ltd Director
Surana Solar Consultant
Sustainability West Midlands CEO
Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd Partner
Sustainable Technology Investors Ltd Managing Partner
Sustainable Venture Development Partners Managing Director
Sustainable Ventures Head of Innovation Services
Swanbarton Ltd Project Manager
Syngas Products Technical Director
Tetreon Technologies Ltd Director T-Clean
The Kensa Group Managing Director
The Kensa Group Sales Manager
Tokamak Energy Senior Commercial Manager
Tokamak Energy Communications Consultant
Tokamak Energy Executive Vice Chairman
Transport for London Senior Strategy Manager for Commercial Energy
Triple Point LLP Principal
Turquoise International Managing Director
Turquoise International Director
UKERC Former Operations Manager
UKERC Head of Policy and Communication
Ulster University Reader
Ulster University Senior Lecturer
Ulster University Research Associate
University of Manchester Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems
University of Manchester Research Fellow
University of Manchester Prof of Power Systems
University of Nottingham Senior Research Fellow
University of Southampton Reader (Engineering and the Environment)
University of Southampton Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Sussex Lecturer in Power Electronics
University of Sussex Research Fellow
Venner Shipley Partner
Venner Shipley Associate
Venner Shipley Senior Associate
Venner Shipley Senior Associate
Venner Shipley Senior Associate
Venner Shipley Business Development and Marketing Executive
Via Marina CEO
Videre Global Chairman
Waste to Energy Systems Ltd Managing Director
WestAfricaENRG CEO
ZAZ Ventures Business Development Manager
Zelen Consulting Consultant