Spend three months inside of one of the planet’s most progressive energy companies, Norway’s own Equinor and capitalize on being so close to an energy major. Also receive super support from technology and industry-leading KONGSBERG and an outstanding team of FIVE full-time consultants from the amazing Capgemini, who will be working for you. Plus the program mentors and #techstarsforlife network! I mean, where else in the energy world do you get access to resources like that? Get ready to be accelerated!

One of the big benefits that this program offers to founders is unprecedented access to the highest levels of the organizations we work with. That does not guarantee that you walk out of the program with a commercial deal with Equinor, KONGSBERG or Campgemini, but you will have insight into how to potentially close that deal and how to (and how not to…) navigate a large energy company.

We are looking for companies and ambitious founders who are solving global energy problems

In February Equinor launched new, bold climate ambitions. Going forward the company aims to:

      • reduce the net carbon intensity, from initial production to final consumption, of energy produced by at least 50% by 2050,
      • grow renewable energy capacity tenfold by 2026, developing as a global offshore wind major, and
      • strengthen its industry-leading position on carbon-efficient production, aiming to reach carbon-neutral global operations by 2030.

Thus, we are looking for startups working within a broad scope, across the energy sector. Companies working with oil & gas, renewables, digitalization, and new business models are encouraged to apply. Ultimately, we want to work with great entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who are working on world-changing ideas. While not a complete list, here are our broad areas of focus for the 2020 class of the Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator:

Oil & Gas Technologies

This area is obvious for an energy major like Equinor. Achieving their existing operations more efficiently with less environmental impact is of natural interest.


Wind power, battery and storage solutions, distributed power, energy efficiency solutions…The list is never-ending and we love backing founders that can help and support the greatest challenge we face today, climate change.

New Business Models

Surprise us, and show us how your tech can help build energy platforms for the future.


The energy sector is digitalizing quickly and our areas of interest are as wide as this category’s name implies. Every enabling technology that makes an energy company more efficient and enables new ways of working is interesting, including ‘Platforms as Enablers’Energy is a massive industry, with large investments and large opportunities for the right company. There are a variety of platforms and areas that may not be energy-specific but can be leveraged by an energy company. Examples include Financial Modeling, Energy Trading, AI / ML applications, Predictive Modeling, Cyber Security, Blockchain Solutions, Robotics, and Safety.

Be part of THE global energy accelerator in 2020

We want to create the energy platforms of the future. We’re looking to be blown away by unique concepts. If you have a great team and a big vision, we want to hear from you.

The 2020 class of the Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator, will start in beautiful Oslo, Norway on September 7, 2020. Capgemini will support the accelerator with a consulting team and mentors from the Techstars network and the global corporate partner network will be here to #givefirst. Right now, we are on a worldwide tour to meet founders who are solving real problems for the global energy sector. Applications close May 10, 2020, and we’ll be making our final selections in June. Watch this webinar to learn more about the program or sign up to take part in our upcoming AMAs this spring. You can also request office hours (one-on-one time with program staff) to share details of what you’re working on and learn more about The Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator. Or, if you’re ready, start your application now. Hear from some of our 2019 founders here!