“We (Zap&Go) had secured some EU grant funding as a partner in a collaborative bid and I suspected there was more to be had. Alex (now Venturenomix Director) and I worked on a strategy to target 5 CleanTech R&D Grant funds over a 12month period. Altogether, we won 4 out of 5 and added more than €2m in non-dilutive funding to the company. Alex has been writing these kinds of bids since 2009 – he understands what the funders need to see.”
Simon Harris // Funding Director // Zap&Go

Simon (Zap&Go) and Alex (now Venturenomix) met at the Rushlight Show in South Kensington, London – the leading CleanTech Funding event. Zap&Go were demonstrating their market-leading C-ion Battery Cell technology to an audience of investors and potential commercial partners.

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