In June, the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) – a membership charity with a mission to radically transform the sustainability of the built environment – launched an exciting new project called UKGBC Solutions. This is fronted by a new section on its website that includes a Solutions Library to showcase practical and commercially viable solutions to shared sustainability challenges across the built environment, as well as case studies demonstrating their implementation. This is intended to be a live, ever-expanding resource to increase dissemination and adoption of solutions across the industry. If you have a solution that helps to improve the sustainability of the built environment, UKGBC wants to hear from you. To be considered for inclusion, solution providers need to complete a short online submission form, for which there is no associated cost. Solutions selected for inclusion will be featured not only within the library, but across UKGBC’s social media comms, courses and events, and in discussions with its nearing 600 members.